Boilers are essential to the processing and manufacturing industries. They provide the necessary steam required for some manufacturing processes. When the boiler breaks down, the process halts and the losses start to build.

A commercial boiler rental is one of the ways to ensure that the manufacturing process of an in-house boiler does not cause a malfunction. You can arrange to rent these outdoor installed units with one phone call to a commercial HVAC rental company. But during the cold months, even a hired boiler is at risk of breaking down.

Below are some things you can do to protect your rented boiler from the freezing temperatures during winter.

Insulate the Water Pipes

Water pipes are important in the boiler system. They carry the water from the main source to the boiler and supply the heated water to the necessary areas. A frozen water pipe is one of the biggest headaches that the winter cold can bring to your outdoor boilers. Frozen pipes mean that no water will get in and out of the boiler. It can also lead to a pipe burst.

Insulate your boiler pipes to prevent this from happening. It is ideal for keeping the lines away from freezing temperatures—around 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using electrical or steam-based heating lines are a few ways to keep the pipes warm in the winter. Steam-based heat tracing will run as long as your boiler operates, so you do not have to worry about managing a separate system. But make sure that the heat tapes you are using can withstand the boiler pipe temperatures.

Insulate the Fuel Pipes

Your commercial boiler rental uses fuel to function. But in the cold winter temperatures, even the fuel flow is affected. Although the average winter temperature is not enough to freeze fuel, sometimes it is necessary to slow the flow. At -8 degrees Celsius or 17 degrees Fahrenheit, fuel will start turning to gel. It will affect how efficiently your boiler can function and, worse, cause it to break down.

Much like the water lines, insulating the fuel pipes is one of the best ways to go about it. Keeping them at above water freezing temperatures, similar to the water pipes, works well for fuel pipes.

Additionally, you can consider using a winter-appropriate fuel mix for your boiler. But before you make the switch, call the rental company. Perhaps they have a mix they can recommend to ensure that your boiler works flawlessly through the season.

Have the Boiler Inspected

One of the best things about hiring a commercial boiler is the lower maintenance cost. Rental companies usually have a dedicated team to service their units. It means you can call your boiler rental company to service the unit before the weather gets bad.

Having your boiler inspected and serviced can ensure that the boiler can handle the cold months. Additionally, the person servicing the unit can help you winterise it to last through the cold season with little to no issues.

Have them check the boiler refractory. The refractory is the heat-resistant lining that helps boilers retain heat. As outdoor boilers are subjected to extreme temperature, changes can affect the refractory’s integrity. Having the whole unit thoroughly inspected and serviced is a great way to identify and solve the problem before it worsens.


Commercial boiler rentals are great for businesses. They are readily available, reliable, and cost less than buying brand new ones for your company. However, since most commercial boilers are outdoor units, you need to know how to protect them against the frigid winter temperatures.

Insulating the water pipes and fuel lines and using a winter fuel mix are a few ways you can keep the boiler running smoothly during the cold months. But most importantly, have the rental company service team inspect, service, and prepare the unit for winter before the weather worsens. Do all these, and you do not have to worry about your boiler failing you.

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