Hot water in your home is a necessity, especially during the winter months. And the presence of hot water in your home is all thanks to your boiler. But with the amount of work your boiler does, it can end up breaking down over time. To anticipate a boiler breakdown, you need to know what signs to look for. 

1. Water Leaks

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a potential boiler breakdown. Water leaks can happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, these leaks are due to the expansion and contraction of your boiler. However, there are some other causes that could lead to water leaks at home.

For example, dirty or corroded pipes may be to blame for a water leak. If you have a lot of rust in your home’s pipes, the boiler may have difficulty pushing water through the pipes.

Other causes of water leaks include:

  • A loose or improperly attached pipe
  • Corrosion in the pipes
  • Loose or missing parts in the water system
  • The fitting of the boiler to the water supply pipe
  • A defective valve
  • A broken water pipe

2. Strange Noises

A boiler’s components are designed to make a certain amount of noise when working. But if you notice any strange noises coming from the boiler, it may be a warning that your boiler is about to break down. Strange sounds such as hissing and popping indicate there may be a defect in the pressure release valve or the boiler itself.

Strange noises may also occur if you have a pressure switch on your boiler. If the switch triggers a safety mechanism, you might hear a loud bang. During this noise, you may also hear the sound of a pump. This is the sound of the pump pulling water out of the tank and into the boiler.

Of course, as with water leaks, these strange noises can be caused by problems with the pipes or valves in your boiler.

3. High Energy Consumption

If you notice that your boiler is constantly consuming more energy than usual, it may be a sign your boiler is about to break down. This is because a boiler in a state of disrepair will use more energy as it struggles to perform at the same capacity as it once did.

High energy consumption can also be an indication that your boiler is not getting enough water. When your boiler doesn’t have enough water to power it, it may cycle on and off more frequently. This can lead to higher energy consumption, and it may also lead to a risk of the boiler overheating.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these warning signs, you can be ready to deal with a boiler breakdown. However, if you detect a sign that your boiler is about to break down, it’s best to get in contact with a professional. A professional such as a trusted local boiler engineer can check the boiler and give you a detailed report on what the problem is and what your next steps should be.

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