Property owners typically have many responsibilities on their plates, and one of them is in maintaining the property’s boiler. This is because failure to comply with proper boiler maintenance standards can cause many problems on their end. 

When it comes to boilers maintenance, here are six tips to help you: 

1. Read the manual

Reading the boiler’s manual will show you how the equipment operates, and this can help you identify any issues that may arise. For safety reasons, don’t remove the cover to fix the internal components of your boiler. If you feel like there’s an issue inside the cover, always call an engineer to inspect it for you. 

2. Schedule annual gas safety checks

Know that gas safety checks must be performed by a registered engineer. As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to service any gas appliances based on the frequency required by the manufacturer of the boiler. Also, be sure to keep copies of the checks, and they must be given to new tenants as well. 

3. Take immediate actions to repair any boiler problems

According to The Landlord and Tenant Act (1985), landlords must keep their boilers and other equipment that supply water and electricity in good repair and working order. If you get a report about a boiler problem, you must act on it right away. This is because the absence of water or heating is considered a hazard under the law. 

4. Educate tenants on proper maintenance

It is the landlord’s duty to keep tenants educated about the heating system of the property. Educate your tenants on how they can monitor the pressure and how to run the heating regularly. If any problems occur, remind them to contact you immediately before any problem gets worse. 

5. Keep the boilers in well-ventilated areas

Make sure that boilers are kept and secured in well-ventilated areas. Don’t keep boilers around vents because this can starve the boilers of oxygen. 

6. Maintain the radiators regularly

When you maintain the radiators regularly, you will help ensure that your boiler system is effective and working properly and help it to extend its lifespan.


Boilers, if left unchecked, may lead to significant problems that could cause you to lose your tenants, which then will reduce your income. Furthermore, a boiler that is in poor condition can also leave you with an expensive heating bill and a cold home. This is why it’s crucial that you ensure your boilers are working correctly at all times. 

In the case that you experience a boiler breakdown and it would take hours or a few days before it gets fixed, you can resort to a boiler hire service. Know that there are many companies that provide boiler hire services to assist facilities and properties that have a boiler breakdown. Therefore, these services present a fast solution to the problem that also ensures tenants will not be put through a period of discomfort. 

If you are in London and are looking for reputable temporary boiler services, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!