First-time landlords signing tenancy agreements will soon realise the dozens of rules and regulations they need to abide by. Some of these responsibilities, such as gardening and cleaning, can be passed onto tenants. However, other maintenance needs such as having boilers and gas appliances serviced should fall on landlords. If you haven’t yet serviced your property boiler, here’s why you need to do so.

Why Service a Boiler?

There are multiple benefits to calling up a boiler hire service. Well-serviced boilers last up to 15 years and neglecting one can cut its lifespan down to half. If your property’s boiler is brand new, getting it serviced regularly can help you extend its warranty. Efficient boilers are also a selling point to tenants who are looking to save money on bills and who are more aware of the environmental impact of gas boilers. 

Who Should Service a Boiler?

Boiler servicing should always be a landlord’s responsibility and should never be passed onto tenants. According to gas safety regulations that cover installation and use, it is solely the responsibility of a landlord to service their gas appliances once a year to ensure they are safe for use. Most cities will require you to obtain a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate to prove you’ve completed your inspection. You can consult with a Gas Safety registered engineer to procure one.

As a general rule, make arrangements with boiler hire services at least once a year. If you’re working within a budget, you can even sign up for a central heating plan, which will provide you with some coverage. 

How Tenants Can Help

Though you can’t leave the servicing to the tenants, you can educate them on proper boiler maintenance. Be sure they know to look out for signs that might indicate a larger boiler problem. After all, smaller issues can lead to bigger ones if they’re left unattended. Send out a memo regarding how to keep an eye out for power supply problems and thermostat issues and how they can prevent them. 

How to Get Access

By law, tenants are required to give landlords access to the property in order to perform boiler servicing and maintenance. Surprisingly enough, not every tenant will willingly agree, especially on short notice. Thus, you should always inform them of your servicing schedule in advance and in writing. If you’re still experiencing resistance, write to them again to outline the reasons it’s important to get their boiler inspected. 

In the very worst cases, you can seek possession of the property under a Section 21 procedure or consider seeking a County Court injunction. However, most clients will be compliant when they know the risks of neglecting a boiler. 


As with any major piece of equipment, leaving smaller problems regarding your boiler to fester will usually result in costlier and more time-consuming repairs. What it comes down to is relaying to your tenants how servicing their boiler can improve their living conditions and that ignoring small repairs can lead to more damaging consequences. 

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