While many people are concerned about the maintenance of their boilers, not many pay attention to where they place these machines in the first place. Boilers need to be in good condition to function well, but if the rooms they are located in are in a mess, they can only do so much to provide great performance. As such, boiler rooms must also be maintained, not only to ensure optimal performance but for the safety of everyone as well.

That said, here are the things you need to do to maintain a safe boiler room to work in.

1. Log every action 

Every action done in the boiler room, from inspections to repairs, should be logged every day. This log should also contain other details, such as water levels and current temperatures. This information can prove extremely useful in ensuring that the boiler room remains safe at all times, and it can also help identify a problem that needs addressing.

2. Stick to a checklist

Checklists are handy for various reasons. First, they allow you to go through a set of procedures to safely carry out an activity. Second, they tell you what to do, rather than leave you guessing. By following a checklist, you can maintain safety and reduce the risk of making a mistake that can compromise the machine.

That said, this is no excuse to allow just anyone to operate the boiler or work in the boiler room. Only allow those with experience to work on the boilers at any given time.

3. Inspect the boilers

Regular boiler inspections are essential to maintain safety. They are also required by law in some cases. Through regular inspections, you can make sure any ongoing problems are quickly caught and addressed. Plus, any potential changes to increase performance can be identified and made accordingly to help you increase efficiency and improve safety even further.

 4. Implement safety countermeasures

Accidents can happen, and having safety equipment along with countermeasures at the ready is always a good idea. Make sure to equip the boiler room with safety equipment, like fire extinguishers and masks, in case of any mishaps.

You can also install fire and carbon monoxide detection and suppression systems to prevent and address emergencies. Do not forget to create a checklist for the safety equipment as well. That way, you can ensure everything is present and accounted for and that everything is in good condition. 


One can never be too safe when working with boilers. With so much work these machines put in to provide your business with hot water, they are prone to wear and tear and need plenty of attention to be kept in good working order.

Take the time to follow the tips we have shared with you. Do not forget to keep the boiler room clean and tidy as well. In doing so, you ensure that safety is kept as a priority and that the risk of accidents is kept at bay. Plus, it saves money by not having to carry out expensive repairs that you could have avoided.

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