There are instances when you hold a particular event and need some refrigeration support. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a birthday party, or a private occasion, you need to be well-equipped with the resources to keep your food refrigerated and drinks chilled. However, the venue may not be able to suffice your needs. That is where a refrigeration or chiller trailer becomes incredibly useful. If you’re wondering why there’s a need to hire a chiller trailer, here are four awesome benefits of doing so:

1. Flexibility

What’s good about hiring a chiller trailer is its flexibility for every event. Be it a wedding reception or corporate engagement, your hired provider can keep your food and beverages cool. It can provide cold storage for any kind of event, whether big or small. 

If you need numerous portable chiller units for a much bigger event, the provider can give you ample cold storage capacity. Even the smallest event can have access to a reliable chiller trailer. Regardless of your location, the chiller trailers are quite easy to transport, and the service provider can serve your refrigeration needs.

2. Safety

One of the biggest benefits of hiring mobile chiller units is safe transportation. Some events with catering require their food and beverages to be refrigerated. Such refrigeration can be all the more difficult if the event location is quite far, requiring the safe transportation of your goods. 

At times, the ingredients need to stay fresh throughout the travel to the venue. They ought to be preserved into their texture and taste. The same is true for the vegetables and meat that need to be stored at a specific temperature for health and safety reasons. Hiring a chiller trailer can make all the difference.

3. Portability

Another good reason to hire a chiller trailer is its portability, which means that a mobile chiller is designed to be moved and operated easily. You need not worry about having the chiller units transported from one place to another while your foods and beverages are kept safe. No matter the location, they can be powered and operated easily for optimal refrigeration of your foods and drinks. When the party starts, your invited guests can enjoy freshly served foods and cold drinks as well.

4. Affordability

What’s good about hiring a chiller trailer is that it is relatively affordable. If the venue host cannot provide your refrigeration needs, then hiring a mobile chiller is a viable option as compared to investing in the equipment. Besides, most chiller trailer provides refrigeration support at a fairly low cost without compromising the freezing capacity. Furthermore, you can save up significantly by preventing food spoilage through the use of mobile chillers.

Final words

Hiring a chiller trailer is key to ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible. With a refrigeration trailer, you can make sure of its flexibility, portability, safety, and affordability, as outlined above. Ultimately, a chiller trailer will provide you with reliable refrigeration support for chilled foods and drinks that your guests will enjoy.

Our fleet of boiler chillers, heaters, portable air-conditioning, generators, and ancillaries are the most efficient equipment in the industry, designed and packaged to deal with the rigours of hire. If you need to hire a chiller trailer for refrigeration support, get in touch with London Climate Hire today to see how we can help!