Have you ever felt the need to bring your fridge with you when you travel? You wouldn’t be the first, and someone has, in fact, already come up with a solution.

Chiller trailers are basically refrigerators on wheels, but they’re not typically used for personal use. Instead, they are used in different activities such as transporting perishable goods from one location to the other. They can also be used for catering purposes for various events. Regardless of their intended use, chilled trailers are handy since they are mobile, practical, and versatile. 

With that said, if you are planning to rent a chiller trailer for any purpose, here are a few tips to make sure that you make the most out of it.

1. Keep the doors closed

Remember, they are just like regular fridges to a certain extent. This means that you will have to treat it the same way as you would a stationary fridge. As such, one of the most important things is to keep the doors shut. While this might seem like a given, it is not too uncommon to see many people leave their chiller trailers wide open. Leaving the doors wide open presents a few problems. For example, the trailer will not be able to reach the right temperature to store food items and the like. 

You will obviously need to open it to access its contents from time to time. However, we recommend that you minimize doing so. That way, the trailer will be able to maintain a consistent temperature for a longer time.

2. Park it near a power supply 

There are many reasons you should be park your chiller trailer near a source of power. First, it minimizes the chances of people tripping over the attached power cable. Second, the chiller trailer will be able to make better use of the electricity it receives.

This is because the longer the power cable is extended, the less electricity makes it to the machine. This means that the chiller will struggle to maintain the right temperature and that plenty of electricity is wasted in the process.

3. Keep the trailer level

Try your best to look for a flat and level surface to park your chiller trailer on. That is because parking it in on an incline or uneven ground can cause a myriad of problems. For example, if your trailer is parked angled upwards with the doors pointing down, you are going to have a lot of trouble keeping the doors closed. Other problems you can face include having frost form in unusual places that could hamper the utility of the trailer.


As mentioned earlier, chiller trailers can be incredibly helpful for catering purposes and similar events. While they are quite large and require plenty of care, having one lets you store plenty of food and drinks to provide for your needs.

They’re also easy to set up and straightforward to manoeuvre. Simply attach it to a vehicle like a regular trailer, and remember to keep it powered. Also, keep the tips provided above in mind so that you can ensure that it does its job. 

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