One aspect of the construction business that barely gets enough attention is the issue of humidity. Without adequate climate control, humidity can wreak havoc in a construction site by interfering with concrete curing, paint, plaster, fireproofing compounds, adhesives, and other elements. 

For contractors working in London’s humid environment, hiring temporary boilers in London can help contractors control their construction sites’ humidity, leading to certain benefits. Here are three reasons why you should use boilers for a climate-controlled construction site: 

1. You can beat deadlines 

As mentioned above, humid environments can cause delays for a number of things within the construction process. Beating individual deadlines in a construction project is vital to finishing the whole project in time, as any form of delay can be cumulative. 

For example, flooring contractors cannot work on a concrete floor that’s not within a specific humidity range. This is especially true if you’re installing wood flooring or millwork, as humidity can cause wood flooring to warp, buckle, or shrink. 

Aside from that, concrete walls that are not in a specific humidity level is also not suitable for painting; with too much water in the air, paint takes longer to dry! In particularly extreme situations, humidity can even cause streaks, fading, and poor adhesion of paint, which leads to subpar results.

Renting a boiler in London can help solve the problem by acting as a dehumidifier, keeping the environment at a humidity level well-suited for construction work. 

2. Cost-savings in labour and materials 

Uncontrolled humidity levels can promote corrosion, mould growth, and degradation. This represents additional costs to be allocated to hire manpower to perform the repairs and the materials needed to replace the degraded parts. These added costs can be especially relevant if working these materials negatively impact the installation or voids a warranty of your materials used.

As mentioned above, this can also result in cumulative delays, which will eat at the budget set by the contract in the long run. In all possible scenarios, contractors generally want to keep the construction process ahead of schedule for budget and quality of work purposes. Finishing a contract ahead of time gives ample time for last-minute touch-ups, not to mention having enough funds to continue operations. 

3. Less reliance on HVAC systems

While HVAC systems are another option, they are not designed to work in construction sites where the air is not contained in one enclosed space. It’s worth noting that HVAC systems have built-in thermostats that tell the unit to work harder until it reaches a specific temperature and stays that way. In a construction site with no climate control capabilities, an HVAC system will be overworked and develop problems because of improper use, not to mention waste energy!

On the flip side, temporary boilers in London can prevent moisture issues using far less energy than an HVAC system would. Because these are designed to provide heat efficiently, boilers will have no problem working extended hours to meet deadlines. 


Finishing a construction project in time is crucial for contractors to continue finding work in a competitive market. Having the option to control a construction project’s climate with boilers efficiently saves time and improves work quality by keeping workers productive and on-schedule. 

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