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Cooling systems are indispensable parts of all computers, from the basic standalone PC to huge data centres. If a regular computer can generate heat from regular activity and basic computer functions, so can data centres on a larger scale. Most of these complex networks ideally use a good chiller hire to address bigger cooling demands.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how cooling systems help maintain computers and protect IT networks from heating issues.

The Importance of Computer Cooling Systems

All computers need cooling to protect their vital parts from heat damage, particularly the main parts like the processor, graphics card, motherboards, RAM, and hard drives. Sustained levels of heat can eventually damage these internal parts. Cooling fans are sometimes not enough to regulate temperature levels and exhaust hot air out of the PC.

Other more advanced PC builds use immersion cooling systems. These systems use pure distilled water or mineral oil, which doesn’t conduct any electricity. Some use 3M Novec liquid, which is considered the most superior immersion cooling medium. While this obsession with cooling may be too extreme for most, it is a regular part of all computer systems, especially bigger and more complex systems.

While most PCs will do OK with regular cooling fans, bigger setups with several PCs can benefit greatly by using big air conditioning units. For large-scale operations such as data centres with many servers and storage units, advanced cooling systems such as in house chillers are used.

Large-Scale Cooling Systems

Large-scale operations such as data centres have more extensive and complex networks to process data and perform high-level functions. These data centres hold more than just regular computers, and they have larger workloads for major servers and storage facilities servicing the whole company network. These complex systems run 24/7, and the only way to provide adequate cooling is to use advanced cooling facilities for optimal climate control.

Fluid chillers are the ideal cooling systems used to provide adequate climate control to several servers combined with fans in air distribution units, which will protect huge IT data centres and server rooms operating at peak capacity. While most air conditioning units can provide sufficient cooling, these are mostly for big rooms with many PCs. IT data centres require a dedicated, industrial-strength chiller rental that answers this major need.

For these large-scale computer operations and IT networks, the cooling system should be enough to provide and sustain adequate cold temperature levels. Chillers with varying operating capacity ranges can address these needs, from a 70kw unit for smaller operations to 135kw and the maximum 300kw powered units for huge and extensive server networks in a building.

The cooling system should be equally distributed for all servers, including the whole server room, to facilitate distribution and cooling air circulation to ensure equal and constant distribution.

Final Thoughts

If your PC demands adequate cooling using advanced systems, think of the demands of extensive IT networks and servers in a building. These systems are running 24/7 with large-scale operations that can support the whole company’s IT infrastructure. Sure, an air conditioning unit can address the next room with PCs, but not servers. You’ll need something that matches their constant heavy workloads.

London Climate Hire has supplied some of the most advanced chiller rental operations for big businesses, so we know these demands well. We use the most durable and industrial-strength chillers to help sustain and protect these complex systems 24/7. Call us if you’re planning on building the next server complex or already have one, and we’ll supply adequate climate control.