Several industries require cooling technology for their processes to run well continuously. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bakeries
  • Beef processors
  • Breweries
  • Construction sites
  • Dairy farms
  • Medical device and equipment manufacturers
  • Metal production facilities
  • Milk producers
  • Plastic manufacturers
  • Poultry processors

Given how vital cooling has become, it’s gotten more and more expensive. This makes a rental chiller a great option when it comes to your application.

What Is A Chiller?

It likely goes without saying, but a chiller is a machine whose main purpose is eliminating heat. A permanent cooling unit might be rather expensive for your business. This is particularly true if you’re unsure of what your actual cooling needs are yet or if your business is a smaller one.

Read on to learn more about getting a rental chiller and its advantages:

Maintenance and Damage Repair Coverage

When it comes to maintenance and damage repairs, rental chillers are covered in full. This is a great way to save on funds and resources. Should these costs pop up down the line, absorbing them isn’t something you will have to worry about.

Meeting Evolving Business Needs

When you rent a chiller, you are not stuck with a unit you may not need down the line. You may want to rent a chiller instead of buying one if your business hasn’t been established in full yet. The same goes if the business changes every so often. Chillers that are maintained well and operated properly can last up to 20 years. Rental chillers take away the need to deal with a lengthy commitment of that nature.

Speedy Delivery

A permanent unit’s planning, design and building will take quite some time. Installation will also take more time in terms of having it running. Rental chillers, on the other hand, are usually available within a business day to 5 at most.

Tax Write Off

It’s usually possible to write off rental chiller payments as tax-deductible. The same cannot be said of a permanent unit. In order to determine whether you qualify, schedule a consultation with your tax accountant.

Trial Period

One of the best things about a rental chiller is that it basically acts as a trial before a permanent unit is purchased. That way, you can see if the chiller is the best choice that will be able to meet the needs of your business. 

It’s also a good way to get to know the chiller company itself better. You can see what their customer service, products and work ethic are like.

Unit Size Choices

Picking out a rental chiller allows the room for changing a unit’s size depending on how needs change. If there’s a fluctuation in cooling needs, or there’s been over or underestimation, the unit will simply be exchanged. Spending a lot of money on a permanent unit means that thousands of pounds may be wasted if the unit in question turns out to be a mismatch for the needs of the business.


Cooling technology plays a key role in the functionality of industries such as bakeries, dairy farms and plastic manufacturers. Rental chillers are a great option for many companies. Benefits include meeting evolving business needs, a trial period, and determining unit size.

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