When it comes to HVAC systems, chillers are one of the most important pieces of equipment to keep your building comfortable. There are three main uses of chillers:

  • To produce cold water
  • To produce hot water
  • To maintain the temperature of the environment

Chillers are typically found in factories, residence halls, hotels, restaurants, laboratories, and other commercial and industrial buildings that use air conditioning. These systems provide cooling, dehumidification, humidity control, and water cooling.

In the following article, you will find all the necessary information about chillers, their types and various operating principles.

What Are the Uses of Chillers

Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic is said to be heat sensitive. With the help of a chiller, plastic is manufactured faster and safer, which is essential in plastic manufacturing. The chiller helps to keep the temperature of the plastic from becoming too hot, reducing the chance of burning the plastic. Without the chiller, the plastic could be ruined and have to be retooled. The chiller also helps to keep the temperature of other materials used in the production process at a low level. 

Food Production

Food companies use chillers to keep their food cold. For example, a meat packing plant needs to keep the meat cool to prevent any contamination. It is the same for the storage of fruits to prevent the spoilage of the fruits. To ensure that the fruits remain fresh, they need to be stored in a cooler. 

Metal Processing and Plating

For many companies, the quality of their products is everything. One of the most important steps in the production process of these companies is the plating and plating parts. This process is dependent on the temperature of the metal. If the metal gets too hot, the parts will lose their quality. To overcome this problem, a chiller is used to keep the temperature down and maintain the quality of the parts. The quality of the products is, of course, very important to meet the standards.

Laser Cutting

Chilling plays an important role in laser cutting. The temperature of the material needs to be kept low to ensure that the cut is made properly and in the material intended. A laser is used to make the cut. If the material gets too hot, the laser will melt the material, damaging the quality of the parts or products.

Energy Power Plants

Chillers are also used in the power plants to keep the turbines and generators of the power plant at a low temperature. The turbines and generators can reach very high temperatures during the process of burning fuel to produce energy. To ensure the safety of the plant, the turbines and generators are cooled with a chiller to keep the temperature low and prevent any damage.

Industrial Structures

An industrial chiller is a machine, or a device used to cool a given space. It is an important device that reduces the temperature of a given space or an area. It is typically used by industrial sectors, large buildings, and institutions to maintain the temperature of an industrial plant or an area. This device is in the form of an air conditioning device or air pump.

Medical Industry

Chillers are also used in the medical industry for a variety of things. One use of chillers is in the storage of blood products, vaccines, and other critical materials. When a patient needs blood or a critical drug, the blood is kept in a chiller that maintains a low temperature. Without a chiller, the blood would be unusable, which would be dangerous for anyone who needs it for medical reasons. The chiller also helps to keep the vaccines cold, which reduces the amount of time it takes for the vaccines to be effective. In addition, the chiller is also used in medical practices that involve the use of x-rays, such as CT scans. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry uses a chiller to cool the inside of a storage tank. When a liquid is stored inside a storage tank, it can reach very high temperatures. In order to keep the drug safe and usable, the tank must be cooled. The drug is placed inside the tank, which is then cooled with a chiller. The drug is then used when it is needed.


Chillers can have a variety of uses depending on the industry, space or environment. Many places use chillers to keep the temperature of the environment, or a specific area or space, low. Without the chiller, the temperature can reach dangerously high levels, which causes problems for the business. 

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