portable cooler

As the temperatures in most parts of the world continue to rise, there is an increased need for air conditioners that can cool off your entire house. While traditional central air conditioning systems are still the norm, you can now opt for a more efficient, eco-friendly solution – portable air conditioners. 

These devices offer the same cooling effect without having to go through the installation process of a central air system and provide portability benefits. So, if you’re considering using a portable AC to cool your entire house, here’s what you should know.

Benefits of Using A Portable AC to Cool the Whole House

1. Easy Installation

These units are designed to be set up in a concise amount of time, sometimes taking as little as 5 minutes. There is no need for complicated ductwork or hiring a professional installer like traditional air conditioning systems. 

Setup typically involves placing the unit in the desired location, plugging it into a power source, and connecting the exhaust hose that vents the hot air outside. With these few simple steps, your home can be transformed into a comfortable, calm oasis.

2. Lightweight

Due to the lightweight design of most portable ACs, they can easily be moved from room to room or even stored during the winter months when needed. This gives you complete flexibility when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. 

3. Cost-Effective Solution

They are much cheaper than traditional central cooling systems or window AC units. This is because portable ACs are less complex and require fewer components. Moreover, since portable ACs aren’t permanently installed, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs or maintenance. 

4. Energy Efficiency

Portable air conditioners are much more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning systems. This is because they use a specific amount of energy to cool the room, not the entire house. In addition, they offer a variety of energy-saving modes that can maximise efficiency and minimise your electricity bill.

Tips To Choose the Right Portable AC to Cool Your Whole House

1. Check the Size

Portable air conditioners are designed to cool down a specific space. Make sure to measure the room ahead of time so that you can find a unit that fits your needs. Also, look for a team with adjustable fan speeds, so you can customise the temperature to suit the area you’re cooling. 

2. Compare Costs and Features

Different models come with additional features, so make sure to compare the costs and features of each model before making a final decision. Look for models that have energy-efficient systems, as these will save you money in the long run.

3. Choose an Easy Install

Easy-install models allow you to quickly set up the unit without hiring a professional. Some models come with wheels, making them even easier to install. Make sure to read through installation instructions before committing to a particular model.

4. Get Professional Help

It is always best to get professional help when selecting a portable AC for your home. A professional can help you consider all factors in choosing the suitable model, from energy efficiency to size and features.


A portable AC is an effective and efficient solution to cool your house. However, it pays to be informed before purchasing, so consider all the factors outlined in this article. With the correct information and guidance, you can easily find a model that suits your cooling needs.

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