As a property owner, you know how property management is paramount in keeping your tenants happy with you. Apart from getting quality tenants, addressing their concerns, and collecting rent payments, you also have to manage and maintain your rental properties. On top of these tasks is to ensure that their heating and cooling systems are in top shape and condition at all times.

One vital heating component in a rental property is the boiler, which serves various heating uses and applications, such as water heating, space heating, cooking, cleaning, and sanitation. However, the crucial question is whether or not it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the boiler.

In this article, we’ll share with you what the law says, as far as boiler service in a rental property is concerned. Read on as well to learn more about what the owners’ responsibilities are and know how to maintain the boiler, whether it is a permanent or temporary boiler.

What the law says on systems on rental properties

The Landlord and Tenant Act (1985) requires owners to ensure the proper installation and working conditions of the water supply, gas, electricity, and sanitation systems in rental properties. In line with these, owners are also responsible for the repair and maintenance of space heating and water heating systems. That simply means that it is your responsibility to get the boiler serviced, which is a straightforward legal matter that you must know and strictly abide by.

Property owner’s responsibilities on boiler services

Whether you’re dealing with heating units, gas appliances, or even pipes, fixtures, and fittings, you are ultimately responsible for their inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Sure, the tenants may assume responsibility for its daily maintenance, meaning that they must pay particular attention to operating the boiler and keeping it running. They must also report for any potential heating problems early on so that preventive measures can be taken to mitigate severe issues.

However, when it comes to its inspection, this is where you step in. If there are some issues, you must get it fixed as soon as possible and schedule an annual maintenance routine to ensure it’s in top shape and working condition.

How to maintain your boiler

If you’re looking to maintain the boiler for your tenants, here are some practical maintenance tips that you should follow:

  • Get your boiler regularly serviced, at least once a year, and prior to the cold winter months. The service must include thorough inspection, cleaning and maintenance, and repair, if necessary.
  • Properly orient and educate your tenants on how to use the boiler. Remind them to inform you about potential issues immediately so that prompt actions can be taken.
  • Keep your boiler in a well-ventilated area so that it will always work efficiently and seamlessly.
  • Regularly maintain the radiators and ensure that they are bled whenever necessary. 
  • Keep in mind that proper installation can make a massive difference in the boiler’s overall performance and efficiency. Have an expert installer do the job for you to ensure quality services.


At this point, you now know that it is your responsibility, as a property owner, to get the boiler serviced. Consider all the valuable legal information discussed above and follow the steps outlined when maintaining your boiler. With all these in mind, you’ll ensure it’s going to perform optimally all year round to make your tenants happy with their stay!

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