Whether you’re employing a temporary hot water heater or fully industrial boiler system, the majority of your facility’s energy bills are likely originating from your boiler room. Thus, it’s important that you maximise your machine’s efficiency, reduce emissions, and increase your energy savings by investing in temporary heating solutions and boiler rentals. The overall condition of your boiler will determine whether you might be in need of a boiler hire service or complete replacement. In this article, we’ll take you through permanent and temporary options that will suit your needs best. 

Boiler With a Variable Speed Drive 

A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) refers to the set of controls on a boiler that allows you to manipulate the speed on your machine as opposed to keeping it on a constant rotation. Used mainly in industrial and commercial boilers, temporary hot water heater pumps, and fans, VSD helps reduce energy consumption and is effectively used for frequent low load periods. Its benefits include: 

  • Eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and significant energy savings
  • Tailoring the demand of RPM to appropriate levels and eliminating constant RPM
  • Quieter and softer motor starts
  • Decrease in stress on rotating parts, thus reducing maintenance costs and extending lifespan

Boiler With Lead Lag Control

Lead lag control sequences the operation of multiple boilers in a single facility to match your overall system load. These control systems reduce cycling and therefore reduce a need for maintenance and downtime. If your facility operates heavily, a lead lag control system can seamlessly insert a temporary boiler into your system to spread the load. Lead lags automatically shut off secondary systems when production slows. Its benefits are:

  • Automating startups and shutdowns
  • Increasing the efficiency of multiple boilers
  • Direct communication with energy management systems
  • Enabling precise control over steam and hot water supplies
  • Improving overall boiler control and reducing energy costs

Boiler With Advanced Controls

Known as System Control and Diagnostic Annunciation (SCADA) systems, these controls incorporate burner management and monitoring, allowing for better combustion control. They improve overall performance, enhance safety, and lower costs. As a robust plant optimisation solution, these systems:

  • Enable remote monitoring via internal communication systems that use email, SMS, or voicemail
  • Ensure that boiler operations are adhering to safety parameters
  • Gather information regarding energy consumption, maintenance points, and safety
  • Send automatic alerts in case of malfunctions 
  • Improve your boiler’s overall performance

Boiler With High-Efficiency Burners

Designed to work more efficiently than older systems, these boilers have high turndown features and lead control that avoids high energy costs and erratic combustions. Their benefits include:

  • Reducing emissions and improving turndown
  • Working in tandem with multiple boilers and lead lag control systems
  • Sporting more precise control systems that increase efficiency and energy savings

Boiler With Heat Recovery

These systems use heat from combustion chambers to generate hot water or steam. This generally improves energy efficiency in your systems. You can incorporate heat recovery boilers with: 


Non-Condensing Vent Stacks


Wasted heat can increase the temperature of the feedwater using leftover energy from the boiler exhaust gas before entering the boiler. 


Condensing Economiser


By capturing latent and sensible energy, this system can save you anywhere between 4% and 8% of normal fuel consumption.


Blowdown Heat Recovery Unit


This transfers heat from Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) to feedwater before it is sent back to a boiler’s feed tank. It’s the most effective heat recovery method for wasted energy. 


Flash Tank


This captures waste heat from blowdown processes, preheating cold makeup water. It recycles most of the heat back into your boiler.


A temporary water heater can make for a great addition to your boiler system if you’re looking to achieve better efficiency and save on your energy bills. With dozens of options on the market, it’s important to do a little research before making a final decision. 

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