600kw Gas Oil Mobile Unit - Boiler Hire

Boiler hire services are very useful in a variety of industries and situations. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to learn their different purposes to find what is right for your needs. Here are some of the ways you can use industry boiler systems:

Rooftop Units for Air Conditioning

It may seem contradictory to think of a cooling unit making use of a boiler, but low-humidity environments require such a unit to ensure that the air conditioning system isn’t overloaded. Essential parts like the condenser and fans aren’t subject to too much stress because the boiler provides space heating.

This makes boilers particularly useful for structures that need to provide air cooling and ventilation to multiple separated zones at once.

Additional Heating

A boiler company’s products can be used as supplemental heat sources during colder months. While heat pumps are a great way to heat a home, they do work more efficiently when temperatures are slightly elevated, to begin with.

Industrial applications require additional heating to make up for the difference between outside and inside temperatures. For these installations, the heating system is mainly used for the bulk of the year, and the boiler system kicks in during colder months when the difference between the two is more significant.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Boilers also make existing heating and cooling facilities more energy-efficient. Boiler systems are more efficient with their consumption and emissions, so the technology itself is friendlier to the environment.

Since the boiler takes a bulk of the load for operational requirements, other equipment doesn’t need as much power. On top of this, boilers can run electrically or on natural gas, depending on the model.

Powering Industrial Process

Steam and hot water generators can help power a variety of processes from a variety of industries and facilities. When it comes to juicing up equipment, boilers are a great choice because they are maintainable and less susceptible to extended downtime.

Boiler systems also provide heating and cooling power to industrial processes like crop drying, curing and decontamination. 

Increasing Production and Productivity

Boilers and boilers systems also help improve productivity in industrial processes. They aid in paper production, meat processing, food packaging, and even industrial laundries, among others.

Modern boilers tend to use highly efficient condensing boilers, which is not just eco-conscious but also an excellent boon for productivity and better production.

Sterilisation in Healthcare

Finally, one of the most useful industrial applications of boiler systems is in the healthcare industry. Boilers are used to improve sanitation in hospitals, labs and other medical facilities through heating, cleaning and sterilisation.

They not only help sterilise medical equipment and operating rooms, but they also help provide humidification for emergency areas and high-traffic zones that cater to sensitive health risks.


These are just some of the great uses of boilers across industries. As a heating and power source, boilers and their corresponding systems can differ in the range of their functionality and usage. So, it’s best to know what your needs are when seeking out a boiler hire. Of course, a professional can direct you to the right fit.

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