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Homes in the UK require hot water to live comfortably, especially when the colder seasons arrive and you’re going to need all the warmth to help you get through the chilly months. You acquire hot water from a boiler, and if you’re living in an old property, you likely have a non-condensing boiler installed.

Meanwhile, modern homes often have condensing boilers fixed in place to achieve better outcomes. If you don’t own a boiler and you don’t think you’re going to need it all the time, you could opt for temporary boiler services to provide you with the right unit you need only when necessary.

For more information regarding condensing boilers and why they’re a good idea to have at home, keep reading below to find out what to know about them and their advantages.

The Difference Between Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers

The primary distinguishing factor that sets a condensing boiler and a non-condensing boiler apart is based on their efficiency. You can depend on a condensing boiler to be up to ninety-nine per cent efficient, while a non-condensing boiler is only seventy-eight per cent efficient.

If you’re worried about your energy bills, you’ll be glad to know that utilising a condensing boiler will allow you to save money each year while managing your carbon emissions. If you have a non-condensing boiler installed in your home and you’re planning to replace it with a better model, the law now obliges all households to use condensing boilers.

Benefits of Using Condensing Boilers

It Improves Energy Efficiency

In general, condensing boilers achieve at least twenty-five per cent efficiency. It happens when you take advantage of the waste heat in your flue gas to preheat the cold water that enters the boiler. As a result, the machine acquires more heat coming from outside the room instead of inside.

Condensing boilers end up obtaining up to over eleven per cent more heat compared to non-condensing boilers. When you rent a temporary water heater, you can look forward to lower energy bills and carbon footprint, reaching up to ninety-nine per cent efficiency and proving it’s an excellent alternative. 

It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

After the government has implemented that all homeowners must install condensing boilers when the time comes to upgrade their heating system, it may be better to be one step ahead. Even before your non-condensing boiler is due for a replacement, upgrading to a condensing boiler effectively minimises your carbon emissions.

In the long run, you can save over 1,200 kg of carbon each year if you install the right heating system for your household. Getting a condensing boiler qualifies you for a grant as part of the Green Deal, aiding you by taking care of the high installation costs offered by a temporary boiler company.

It Keeps You Safe and Comfortable

Typically, condensing boilers are sealed off completely to provide heat insulation. Since they gather the air from outside the room, you don’t have to worry about particles getting absorbed into the machine.

You’re safe from harmful substances reaching inside your boiler because the condensed liquid it produces exits its pipe and goes directly to your drainage system. A condensing boiler also offers significant space because you don’t require utilising a water tank for it to work, so it’s easy for you to pick a spot to install it like your kitchen cupboards.


Having a reliable heating system at home is crucial to ensure you and your family can fulfil your basic needs. Rather than settle for a non-condensing boiler, it’s better to upgrade to a condensing boiler that highlights energy efficiency, lowers your carbon emissions, and maintains your safety and comfort. Moreover, it’s better to reach out to a temporary boiler company if you want the installation to be successful.

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