Many people are familiar with different types of boilers – from combination, system, to conventional – all three are designed for various heating applications in residential homes and commercial buildings. However, not all are familiar with condensing boiler and how it revolutionizes its function. 

What is a Condensing Boiler, and How Does it Work? 

A condensing boiler isn’t a type of boilers like a combination, system, or conventional boiler. Instead, it serves as a feature that changes its functionality compared to traditional heaters. While it follows the same core purpose, which is to burn natural gas to heat the water, produce vapor, and a combination of carbon dioxide, condensing boiler systems uses a larger heat exchanger to upcycle the excess gases to ensure to eliminate waste. 

Traditional boilers often emit out waste gases into the atmosphere, but a condensing boiler uses two internal heat exchangers to ensure no gases are lost in the process. With that in mind, it’s no surprise how reusing heat has increased its efficiency to over 90 percent, and how it is now compulsory in the UK since 2005

What are the Benefits of Using a Condensing Boiler? 

Energy Efficient 

Seeing as a condensing boiler is designed for recycling all wasted gases, it is naturally 15 to 30 percent more energy efficient compared to its conventional counterpart. It burns less fuel when extracting the same amount of energy to heat an entire home. 

The reduction in energy consumption makes it 90 percent efficient, which means it can exponentially cut back on your energy bills down the line. 

Environmentally Friendly 

The higher efficiency of condensing boilers means it produces fewer carbon emissions, which can total a savings of up to 1,220 kg of carbon dioxide a year. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that not only is it efficient, but it is also more environmentally friendly as condensing boilers don’t let gases escape into the air. 

Space Saving 

Condensing boilers are also the best choice for modern homes and buildings as the design is often made with compact units with multiple venting options. This makes it viable for more “usable” building space, primarily since it can support different flows without the need for pumping equipment. 

The Bottom Line: Condensing Boilers for Better Efficiency and Seamless System Integration 

Seeing the wealth of benefits you can gain from a condensing boiler, it’s a welcomed compulsory heating system that people from different parts of the globe can use to cut back on their energy bills and minimize carbon footprint at the same time. 

For a regular homeowner, using a condensing boiler can save them up to £225 per year as the lower energy consumption can lower their gas heating bills, unlike a traditional boiler. The best part is whether your boiler is on condensing mode or not, and it is still 15 to 30 percent more energy-efficient than any other counterpart. 

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