server room

A server room can get hot, and equipment need to be cool to keep them in working condition. When your servers go down, your website and online networks do too, which affects business. A server room needs to be at a steady temperature, but that is easier said than done. Here are tips for keeping your server room at the right temperature and protect your equipment.

Use Industrial Air Conditioning

The most crucial step is to use cooling equipment like industrial ACs meant for server rooms. Portable air conditioning units are a good choice—they provide dehumidified airstreams and bring in clean air from outside instead of recycling the air in the room. This feature is also helpful for preventing allergies and respiratory ailments like COVID-19.

If possible, avoid domestic air conditioners. While capable of keeping an office or a small room cool, these types of equipment are unsuitable for the kind of cooling that server rooms and commercial spaces need.

Keep The Server Room Clean

You should also keep the server room clear of unnecessary items. Having other materials present will affect the performance of the air conditioning unit. Routinely inspect the server room and clear it of items that do not belong there. This place is not a storage room, and a cluttered server room is more prone to heat than a clean one.

Mind How You Position The Racks

The server racks should let hot air move away from cold air. You can facilitate this by creating a hot aisle and a cold aisle. Position the racks so that hot air gets expelled in one direction and cold air comes in from the other. Having a hot aisle and a cold aisle will prevent mixing and enable you to cool your equipment efficiently.

Choose LED or Fluorescent Lights

Low-energy light sources are the better choice for server rooms. Incandescent lights release more heat energy—though they only barely contribute to the temperature, every bit counts. Using low-energy light will keep your server room cool; it is one of the easiest things you can do to optimise your server room, so make the switch today.

Install Blanking Panels in Gaps

If there are spaces between server racks, you need to install blanking panels. These panels prevent hot air from getting trapped behind servers. Look over your server room and fill any spaces with blanking panels. It is another simple change that goes a long way.

Seal the Room Properly

Besides cooling the server room, you should seal it properly too. Check the windows and doors for cracks or gaps that shouldn’t be there. Also, check if the walls have any cracks. If they do, repair them to prevent the hot air from getting in or the cool air from getting out.


Your server room needs to be at a cool, even temperature at all times. The tips in this article should give you a headstart for the care your server room needs. Though many are quick tips and practices, they make a big difference and reduce the overheating of essential equipment.

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