Refrigerated Trailer

Do you need more freezer capacity for your food and beverages for an upcoming outdoor food display or catering event? Hiring a fridge and freezer trailer is an excellent alternative, especially if you need interim storage or storage until the event is done. All you have to do is identify a reliable firm that rents out fridge and freezer trailers. When planning to lease a freezer trailer, several considerations should be taken into account.

Why Companies Need Refrigerated Trailers

There are various advantages for several organisations when it comes to refrigerated trailers. The first benefit is convenience. If your company unexpectedly requires extra cold storage space, a trailer may be brought promptly and put up with no trouble.

You may have a surge in stock or orders over the holiday season, or you may need to carry refrigerated products to an event such as a festival.

Fridge trailers are also quite simple to use. All you have to do is connect them to a generator or an electrical source, and you’re ready to go. While some people own their fridge trailers altogether, most rent them as needed.

Below are a few tips and what you should know (or do) for a smooth experience. 

1. Find a Trustworthy Company

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable company that offers freezer trailers on hire. This can be done by conducting an online search and reading customer reviews. Make sure the company has a good reputation and offers quality services.

2. Get Everything in Writing

When you have found a reputable company, make sure to get everything in writing, so there are no misunderstandings. This includes the price, what’s included in the package, delivery and pick-up times, etc. It’s important to have all the details in writing to avoid any issues later on.

3. Consider the Size of the Freezer Trailer

Before hiring a freezer trailer, make sure to consider the size of the trailer you need. Depending on how much storage space you require, you may need a small or large freezer trailer. If you’re not sure what size to get, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go for a bigger size.

4. Park the Trailer on Level Ground

When the freezer trailer arrives, make sure to park it on level ground. This is important as it helps to keep the fridge and freezer working properly. If the trailer is not parked on level ground, it could cause problems with the cooling system. A trustworthy company will help you pick an appropriate spot.

5. Ensure to Keep It Shut

Once the freezer trailer is parked and set up, make sure to keep the doors shut as much as possible. Every time the door is opened, cold air escapes, and warm air enters, which can cause the fridge and freezer to work overtime. This will not only use up more energy but will also impact your electricity bill.

6. Don’t Park It Too Far from the Power Source

When setting up the freezer trailer, make sure to park it close to a power source. This is important as the fridge and freezer will need to be plugged in to work. If the trailer is too far from the power source, you may need to use a generator, which can be costly.


Hiring a freezer trailer is a great option if you need extra storage space for food and beverages. Just make sure to find a reputable company, get everything in writing, consider the size of the trailer, park it on level ground, keep the doors shut, and don’t park it too far from the power source. Following these tips will help ensure a smooth experience.

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