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If you manage an industrial business, you may require the proper temperature to run your operations. With that in mind, you could think about getting an industrial chiller rental or even purchase your own to ensure you obtain the proper cooling level needed to keep things in order at all times to help meet your organisation’s demands.

 However, before you begin looking for a chiller, you must keep in mind that you will also require a reliable HVAC system. It’s different from a chiller, so you have to know how to tell them apart to ensure you understand how they both work and which one you require better.

 Homes and businesses often depend on HVAC systems to acquire the cooling and heating they need to keep rooms and spaces in good condition. But if you require a more extensive area to obtain cool air, you will need a bigger machine, such as a chiller. Keep reading below to find out more about HVAC and chiller appliances to give you a better idea of which device your business shouldn’t go a day without and what makes them essential.

HVAC System Vs. Chiller

 A Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system serves as the solution to your problems when you require the help of technology to provide you with adequate heat, cooling, and ventilation. Many households, businesses, and companies depend on HVAC machines to keep their indoor space comfortable for as long as they please.

 On the other hand, a chiller falls under an HVAC and is more specifically categorised under air conditioning. Besides the typical window-type and split-type AC units people are commonly familiar with, a chiller has a different purpose than regular cooling appliances.

 While a chiller for hire or sale works to cool a specific area the same way AC appliances do, it comes in a different size, purpose, and capacity that exceeds standard cooling systems. Its dimensions are bigger, providing over a thousand tons of cooling power for industrial settings, such as hospitals, power stations, and refineries requiring continuous cool air.

Types of Chillers

Air-Cooled Chiller

 An air-cooled chiller utilises air to get rid of indoor heat you don’t want by letting it undergo a fanning procedure. The machine enables the heat to go through its condenser’s open tubes to eliminate the warm air and replace it with cool air. 

 Many businesses prefer an air-cooled chiller because of its easy installation method and affordable costs. If the space involved has limited cool air or doesn’t have adequate accessibility to acquire clean water all the time, you can use a chiller rental due to its lower cooling efficiency compared to a water-cooled chiller. 

Water-Cooled Chiller

 Water-cooled chillers utilise water to help you eliminate heat by pushing water through the chiller’s condenser tube and evaporating the heat using its cooling tower. Because of the chiller’s cooling tower, the machine provides greater effectivity than an air-cooled chiller.

 Unfortunately, water-cooled chillers come off as more expensive than their counterparts because you need additional parts to optimise your use. You will have to buy condenser water pumps and make-up water pumps besides the chiller’s cooling tower to get the unit to eliminate the unnecessary heat from your space.


 Now that you know the main difference between an HVAC system and a chiller trailer for hire, you have a better understanding of their importance and why your industrial firm needs them. Whether you decide to get an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller for rent or sale, it will depend on your situation, such as your needs, preference, and budget. 

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