Due to the coronavirus pandemic, theatres and cinemas had to halt operations and close down. Since many people frequent these places, government agencies around the world thought it would be best to implement a temporary ban on these forms of entertainment to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Luckily, though, theatres were once again allowed to operate under certain conditions when things started to turn for the better. But during one particular incident, a rather large and popular theatre in the UK discovered that the air conditioning system wasn’t working just when they were about to reopen.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Just a couple of hours before the show started, an engineer from the production team found out about a major issue with the air-conditioner in the facility. Now, when these things happen, theatres are left with only two options. It’s either they cancel the show or solve the issue immediately.

And as luck may have it, the said theatre had invested in a contingency plan in collaboration with a particular service provider a couple of years back, allowing them to address and fix the issue quickly. As such, they didn’t have to cancel their reopening—and the show went on ever so smoothly.

But if you think we’re simply telling you about a tale of an unfortunate incident in a famous theatre, then you’re mistaken. In general, these types of mishaps happen in lots of cinemas and theatres worldwide. And if your production company is one of those who encounter such setbacks from time to time, here’s how you can solve them immediately.

Why Partner With a Responsive Emergency Service Provider

Production companies have different teams in charge of varying aspects involving the set and the show. To ensure that everything will proceed as planned, most production teams conduct several inspections on everything a few days or hours before the eventful show.

However, the bitter truth is that accidents can happen anywhere and any time, even if you’re well prepared. Moreover, no one can tell when something unfortunate will take place. Fortunately, the team can quickly solve minor issues such as costume problems or prop damages by finding a replacement or an alternative.

The problem, though, is that these aren’t the only issues that may occur. This is especially true when it comes to major complications involving the amenities of the auditorium or facility. With that said, it would be beneficial to have a reliable local emergency service provider, such as London Climate Hire, at your beck and call to come to your rescue. In this way, whether it’s a problem with the heating or cooling system of the site, you’ll have no trouble resolving it!


There is no way of knowing when you will encounter technical problems in the facility. And sometimes, even when you’ve taken drastic precautionary measures to ensure that everything is in order, it can be inevitable to suddenly come face to face with an urgent issue. For this reason, you must think way ahead of time to make sure that there are no loose ends. This guarantees that the show will go on no matter what happens!

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