Water System

Most entrepreneurs do not think much about the type of HVAC installed in their building. You may not even know what type of HVAC system is on your premises. Although it is tempting to leave this matter at the hands of boiler hire services, it might be high time that you should.

The type of HVAC system installed depends on the job site conditions. If possible, you may install a chiller plant. But if such an option is unavailable, you can opt for direct expansion (DX) cooling units. This type of HVAC system is common in homes and small businesses.

Typically, most entrepreneurs go for what is common. But doing this may not be enough to keep your building cool. You can learn another option for you by carefully reading this article.

Better Efficiency for Large and Vertical Applications

You might be hesitant to ask boiler hire services to install a chilled water system because of the cost associated. But you might be surprised to know that in the long run, you will save money because of its efficiency.

The cool air coming from the DX system is chilled by the refrigerant in the cooling coil of the air handling unit. This process makes the DX system efficient. Unfortunately, the cooler air cannot be carried to long distances because the refrigerant piping must stay close to the system. If they are placed far, they lose cooling.

On the other hand, a chilled water system (CHW) allows the cool air molecules to travel long distances because water can be pumped vertically without a problem. But the arrangement of the refrigerant lines makes it difficult for oil to return. Thus, harms the compressor.

Energy Reduction and Lower Utility Bills

Basic science will tell us that water is denser than air. The former has a density of 1000kg/m3 while the latter has a density of 1.225kg/m3. It is also better at absorbing heat than air and carries more heat per kilogram. It also uses space than air for a given mass.

Let us apply this science lesson to boiler hire services. If equivalent masses of air and water experience the same temperature rise, it would mean that water absorbs over four times as much heat. Thus, the chilled water system has an advantage in this regard.

Let us take this science lesson and apply it to your utility bill. When a chilled water system is used, indoor heat is can be removed more efficiently. Other than that, hydronic piping is more compact than air ducts. Most importantly, water is plentiful and cheap.

Of course, the cost-efficiency of this system is directly proportional to the availability of water. Thus, if you utilise a good amount of water even during these times or in this area, it would be expensive. Then the CHW system is not recommended.


Like all endeavors, you must weigh the pros and cons of this project. If you have a large commercial complex, it may be wiser to have the boiler hire service install a chilled water system. Doing this will be cheaper in the long run. But if you have a small building, you may think twice about installing this one.

Whether you want a chilled water system installed or put up a temporary boiler, you should immediately ask for the professional help of London Climate Hire. We are more than happy to help you with this, so call us now for an estimate.