300kw Condensing Oil Fired

One of the first boiler hire companies to set the trend using Oil fired Condensing plant rooms . This highly efficient Hoval boiler offers our customers super low NOx and operates on HVO Green D fuel. Built and housed in a bespoke frame this unit promotes reliability and efficiency and looks quality in the process and is second to none in terms of energy efficiency and economy.

How it works
Separate high and low temperature returns create ideal conditions for condensation, thereby enhancing energy recovery from the exhaust gases.
2-stage low NOx oil burner adjusts output to need and reduces the frequency of starts /stops, thus ensuring clean, low-emission and energy-saving combustion.

  • Duty :300kw
  • Dimensions:(W) 1.4 X (L) 3.74 (H) 2.4
  • Power:16amp single phase
  • HTG Outlets:2” PN16
  • Primary pump/ shunt:50/120 F
  • Expansion:300 Ltr
  • Remote monitoring :YES
  • Pressurisation unit :YES
  • Boiler:Hoval Ultra Oil
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