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The process of selecting a reliable chiller rental company is more complex than it may seem. It’s not as easy as picking the best chiller off the shelf; there are several factors to think about. Getting the wrong chiller for your space might be costly and inefficient.

Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to prepare a short article outlining some of the key considerations you should make while shopping for a chiller. If you want to find out more, feel free to keep on reading.

1. How Much Is the Renting Fee for the Chiller?

If you are looking to rent chilling equipment, the cost should also be taken into account. It may differ considerably from one circumstance to another. Still, minimising expenditures may not be the top priority. Think about the quality of the units, the ease of the setup process, and the rental terms when deciding between different air conditioning providers.

2. Are There Any Cross-Contamination Concerns?

It is a requirement of commercial kitchens that raw and cooked foods be kept in separate storage areas to prevent contamination, as stipulated by food safety standards. A restaurant, for instance, cannot put raw pork and cooked chicken on the same shelf of the refrigerator. This eatery must take all necessary precautions to avoid serving food that has been tainted.

For caterers, that might mean spending more money on trailer rentals. Separate trailers must be used if they are needed to comply with safety and hygiene rules, regardless of the cost or inconvenience this may cause.

3. What Will I Be Storing, and at What Temperatures?

The next concern is the customer’s intended use of the cold room or trailer. This is significant since various foods require different storage temperatures. The typical caterer only needs a single walk-in cooler or trailer for jobs that are scheduled to take only a few hours. However, in other cases, it may be necessary to rent a number of units that can house a variety of food products for varying periods of time.

One of the primary distinctions between refrigerated van hire and trailer or walk-in cool room rentals is the requirement for several units. For many of our clients, renting numerous vans is not an option. Trailers are preferable because of their versatility and the extra cold storage space they often provide.

4. Will There Be Hand Washing Issues?

There must be convenient access to hand washing facilities for workers handling raw food to comply with food safety laws. In some cases, this may be a big issue when renting a trailer or walk-in cooler. A walk-in cold room installation in a separate building may be required to meet hygiene standards if hand-washing sinks are required for a certain event.


Indeed, customers can learn more about their needs for trailers or walk-in chillers for an event by asking and answering the questions above. They will be able to plan out the contents of the chiller as well as a result. The truth is that one trailer or walk-in chiller isn’t always sufficient and that having two or three is often preferable. Whatever the case may be, many chillers come equipped to handle both routine and unexpected demands, so there is definitely no need to worry when it comes to handling a bigger event in the future.

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