Since winter is approaching fast, everybody is getting as wrapped up as possible and preparing their heating systems to brave the cold. Now is the time to take advantage of an autumn season warm enough to forego using the heater to get your boiler checked. By taking the right preventive measures, you’ll be able to get your boiler ready while minimising your expenses. However, if you do get caught in the dead of winter without a working boiler, temporary boiler rentals in London are the perfect solution. 

Performing Preventive Maintenance

Ideally, preventive maintenance measures should have started in the summer and continue all year round, but now isn’t too late to future-proof the stability of your boiler when December rolls around. 

Bear in mind these three things when observing your boiler system: 

  • Have Regular Maintenance Schedules

Commercial facilities should require servicing from a professional at least once a year while older boilers should be inspected every quarter. Boiler technicians will do a thorough inspection of your system and clean out any dirty components as well as review boiler logs. These maintenance checks are essential to discover any minor issues early to prevent larger repairs from cropping up unexpectedly, thus saving you much more money in the long run. 

  • Keep a History Log

Knowing how to read your boiler’s performance and understanding what an efficient system looks like will help you spot differences and provide information to boiler technicians about how to proceed. By doing so, you are identifying potential risks to bring to the technician’s attention when they come in for an inspection.

  • Spot Issues

Scheduling regular preventive maintenance checks will help you in spotting any issues earlier and prevent the build-up of problems like corrosion, piping build-up, and more. Anything that looks wrong or out of place, such as strange noises and leaks, can be spotted by checking your boiler periodically. 

If your boiler is due for maintenance in the thick of winter, then having a backup plan like a reputable boiler rental in London is the best course of action. 

Never underestimate what an effective preventive maintenance plan can do in catching issues early, saving you money on future repairs, and maintaining the health of your boiler for a longer lifespan. 

Preparing a Contingency Plan

Your business building relies on your boiler for the most important function during the winter season and is, unsurprisingly, one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you’ll have. While preventive maintenance should cover you for the most part, it doesn’t hurt to have a contingency plan in case of an emergency. Here are four steps for accomplishing a contingency plan for your boiler system: 

  • Determine Which Problems Will Have the Most Impact

If your boiler equipment were to break down, then what would be affected the most? Consider factors such as the loss in productivity and profit, how long the building would be out of commission, and other factors.

  • Create an Outline of Steps to Take in an Emergency

Contact the most trusted temporary boiler hire companies now to consult on parts or systems that you might need should the occasion arise. By establishing this relationship now, you can confidently enlist in their services when the time comes. 

  • Determine the Equipment Needed for Operations

In the event of a shutdown, make sure you have a generator sufficient to power the items needed and that they have access to your emergency facility. Ensure that the function of your equipment, if unable to be transferred, can be replicated easily. 

  • Provide Continuous Training for Staff 

Having trained members of your staff who are ready to act should an emergency strike is incredibly valuable to your business. Be sure to implement updates and procedures throughout the company and train your staff on the latest equipment and emergency procedures to keep them updated and ready.


Being prepared for the winter months is one of the smartest steps to take for your boiler system. Heating is crucial to keep everybody safe and comfortable and your business running smoothly. By taking these preventive measures and being prepared for any outcome should your boiler system fail, you’ll be ready to brave the holiday season no matter what happens. 

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