Many manufacturing companies and massive production sites often require more than cold air and even air conditioning units to meet their demands. If they don’t, this can lead to slower processes, finished products at a significantly lower quality, and generally underdeveloped working conditions. So, they would opt for chiller rentals or hires. But what exactly do they provide, what are the available options in the market, and how do you select the perfect one? Use this guide to find out and make informed decisions. 

What Are the Different Types of Uses for Industrial Chiller Rentals? 

Your rented chiller’s usage, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs all revolve around its intended purpose and the particular industry that your facility operates in, which can be one of the following: 

  • Heavy-to-general manufacturing: Manufacturers tasked with managerial roles would either get chillers to regulate the working environment for their employees or maintain heavy-duty equipment that works with intense heat and need coolants to keep the temperature favourable for use. 
  • Medical and pharmaceutical processing:  In the healthcare sector, major hospitals need chillers for hire to maintain their more complex units’ temperature cool rates, like those for medical imaging (e.g. MRI and CT scanners). On the other hand, big pharmaceutical corporations have industrial-sized chillers for producing and storing medicines, vaccines, and other products that need to be cold. 
  • Power generating: Power generation facilities require coolants to counteract their unit’s heating capabilities since they can become too hot, overload, and produce electricity under hazardous conditions. You need big, reliable chillers rented to meet this specification. 

What Are the Two Basic Types of Available Chillers for Hire? 

You can either opt for portable chillers or a centralised one, depending on their defining features, general operational costs, and other relevant factors. Consider the following definitions to have a better understanding of what to expect from each type: 

Portable chillers

Portable chillers for hire are the most common among most professionals in various industries because of their convenient mobility, allowing them to store, move, and upgrade their machines when necessary. They are more on the expensive side than centralised chilling systems, but you may benefit more from portable options if you have facilities with particular coolant needs that are far apart from each other. 

For instance, let’s say you need a chiller to accommodate plastic making processes, but the team also requires it for power generation. Instead of using centralised systems since you may need varying cool temperatures for each process, it would be best to opt for portable chillers for hire. Just note that it may cost more, but don’t let that be the deciding factor. Consider your hire company’s informed estimate to make the right choice. 

Central chillers 

Central chillers are more permanent than portable ones because they are installed on-site and channelled throughout the facility, meaning you may get them for multiple uses. However, they are not as flexible for temperature setting since they can only meet one setting at a time. They are cheaper and take up less space, but you have to commit to this option and invest in it as a long-term asset. Consult with a chiller service provider to get estimates and comparisons for easier decision-making.


Chiller hires come in different shapes and sizes, and it can become divisive when selecting the right one for your industrial needs and wants. Fortunately, there are practical measures to take for your convenience and trusted experts to address these challenges. Just remember all the relevant information mentioned above and team up with a trustworthy hire company like us! 

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