Micro 300 Boiler

The industry's smallest
temporary boiler at 300kw.

More Information

We Are London Climate Hire Limited The Manufacturer and Designer of The Micro Condensing Boiler Plant Room.

Product Specification

2 150 kw boilers

5-1 turn down ratio

Super silent machine 20 DBa

Primary and secondary separation

Primary expansion

Pressurisation unit

50 – 120 secondary pumps set

Remote monitoring device
(Temp / pressure PRIM/ SEC )


Intuitive tangible digital PC
* Operation
* Temps

Sensor lighting 

Adaptive Numerical lock

Low power requirement
( 16amp Single phase supply )

Engineer QR code linking to
* Boiler and pump specification
* Electrical diagram and CAD design


State Of The Art Build & Quality

Our state-of-the-art boiler plant room is manufactured in-house at our bishop stortford facility. These bespoke products are designed to fit through commercial doors, gates, and lifts, gaining access to areas where other temporary plant rooms cannot reach. With a duty of 300kw and a flow rate of 9l sec, this Highly Efficient condensing machine is second to none, providing resilience with 2 boilers and operating at a noise level of 20. With the potential for remote monitoring by our engineers and customers, this product is absolutely unparalleled.

The boiler is supported by flexible stainless steel flanged piping on both the HTG/HWS and GAS side.
Our semi-permanent installation ensures the safety of the general public and engineers operating on or near this application.

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