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Our industrial chiller hire units come in a wide range of duties.  With robust frames, your chiller can be easily positioned and accessed, to enable your unit to be running to provide maximum flexibility and convenience.

All industrial chiller units are designed to high specifications, to meet the demands of industrial use.  We ensure that our units run quietly, with low running costs and guaranteed efficiency.  Confidence is important, when stock, profits and processes can be disrupted by any downtime.

Industrial chiller hire is a balance of durability, power and safety.  The unit comes with a crash frame for easy installation.  It is a compact design, with a reduced footprint and a low-profile design.  The unit comes with two acoustic packages.  The aim of the design is to minimize the environmental impact of this industrial chiller unit.

Low energy consumption and superior part load efficiency, the running costs will be low. You will also benefit from a reduced refrigerant charge. The unit only requires a single power supply connection.

We take pride in the reliability of our chiller units.  The user-friendly control interface and automated systems, make the unit easy to use.  London Climate Hire was created by engineers who wanted to make simple costs that can keep the costs low for our customers.

Compare our industrial chiller hire options, to find the one that best suits your needs.

RTAD180 60Kw – 180Kw Trane Chiller TAE Evo 081 TAE EVO 602 145KW

Cooling capacity of 642KW


Power input: 242


Refrigerant type: R134a


Power Supply 400V/ 3Ph/ 50Hz


Max Amps: 576


Starting Amps: 608



Dimensions: L 6058/ W 2438 /H 2591



remote monitoring by Trane Intelligent Services.

Duty: 161Kw


Additional controls: 25 – 103◦C


Dimensions: W2472 x L2597 x H2226


Weight: Approx. 1750kg


Plug Type: 125amp Commando plug

Temperature range: -10◦C to +20◦C


Can be modified to 15◦C


Integrated process pump with quick release water and power connection


Dimensions: L760 x W1.860 x H1447


Weight: Approx. 525kg


Noise Level 55dba @10m


Plug type: 32amp 3 phase + earth

4 Maneurop fully hermetic compressors with optional non-ferrous food safe cooling circuit.


500 litre thermal buffer tank and standard 2.5 (approx.) bar circulation pump


Temperature range: -25◦C – +20◦C


175.3kW chiller Contains a large 500 litre buffer tank and a circulation pump


Designed to connect to London Climate Hire Air handlers


Dimensions: L 3600/ W 1260 /H 2210


Weight: Approx. 1911kg


Noise Level 64dba @10m


Maximum working pressure: 5 bar


Water connections 2 inches


Power supply:

400V (+10%) 3 Amps/ 50Htz


Plug Type: 125amp 3 phase

Industrial chiller hire from London Climate hire is perfect for:

  • Anaerobic digestion plants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Large functions
  • Large residential areas
  • Laundries
  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Processing factories.

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