Cold room storage and trailers are some of the best investments any food business can make. It is where fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, sugars, fats, herbs, and other essential kitchen needs are stored. Its freezing temperatures help prolong their life and prevent spoilage. However, it would only work to one’s advantage if used properly. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when organising a cold room and trailer. 

1: Give Each Food Enough Space.

A food business is one of the busiest types of business, and in a rush, business owners tend to put everything together all at once. However, if you want your food to last longer, you need to ensure it gets the right temperature and proper air circulation it needs. When there is enough space between food, they get the appropriate cooling they need.

2: Only Pre-Cut Food When You Will Use Them.

Pre-cutting food speeds up the food preparation inside the kitchen. However, remember that the process shortens the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables. That means you should avoid pre-cutting them if you do not plan on using them soon. If you want to use fresh fruits and vegetables, cut them when you need them. In short, keeping them whole inside the fridge could lengthen their shelf life. 

3: Let Things Cool Before You Put Them On a Fridge.

Another thing that people do when they are in a rush is to put excess food inside the fridge. It is a quick way to wrap things up in the kitchen. However, you should avoid it if you want to prolong the shelf life of your food. Keeping warm food inside a cold room could harm the other food in storage. 

Placing hot food inside cold storage could make it lose its nutritional value and push the refrigerator to work harder than usual. Salmonella bacteria is found in many foods, and if it is present in that food, it can cause spoilage in other food found inside. 

Wait for the food to cool down to room temperature before placing them inside any fridge, but do not wait for more than two hours after cooking as bacteria could start growing by then. 

4: Apply the Proper Food Placement.

The cold room and trailer should observe the recommended arrangement to ensure the freshness and quality of goods. Here are some of the important notes to follow:

  • What comes in first must be consumed first. Make sure you use the first set of meat inside the fridge first. Doing that could prevent food wastage. Keeping this in mind when you organise things inside your fridge would help you keep the food in good condition.  
  • Place all the dairy in the middle. The central part of any fridge has the most consistent temperature of all, and dairy food that spoils easily, such as milk, eggs, and yoghurt, need that the most.
  • Stored meats should always go at the bottom. They constantly drip meat juice or marinades that could contaminate or spoil other meats. Segregate according to the meat type, but all should be at the bottom of the cold room.


These are some things to keep in mind if you are managing a cold room and trailer. If you noticed, they are the same rules applied to your home fridge. However, working in a busy environment can make people forget about the importance of the rules. Remember that keeping all food organised can help you work more smoothly in the kitchen and ensure that all food and liquid stored inside is as fresh as possible. If you experience any problem with your cold room or trailer, make sure to have an emergency contact.

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