outdoor wedding

If you are holding a massive event like a wedding, you are probably considering doing it outdoors. Not only will you get a relatively larger space for your celebration, but your guests will also enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

The challenge of holding an outdoor event, though, is how you can keep your guests comfortable. First and foremost, you need to ensure that none of your guests will be sweating. 

So, how do you keep your wedding guests cool and comfortable? London Climate Hire, your trusted chiller rental company, shares some ways: 

1. Keep Them in the Shade

If you are thinking of having an outdoor wedding, the first thing that you need to consider is where you will put all the tables and chairs.

Most people would choose to hold the ceremony outdoors. Doing this means that your guests will be under the direct rays of the sun. 

Holding the ceremony in the afternoon is usually the best time to go with. If you do this, make sure you provide some shading for your guests.

If you plan to have a large wedding, you need to provide umbrellas for the guests. The umbrellas will not only protect their heads but will also keep them cool. 

2. Provide Fans and Misters

In order to make your wedding more comfortable, you need to provide fans and misters.

These will help keep the guests cool and comfortable, but you need to make sure that you provide these accordingly. 

If you plan to put these in the reception area, make sure that you provide enough of them. This will help circulate the air and keep your guests cool.

For instance, you can provide ten misters for every 20 guests. If there will only be 100 guests, you will need to put five misters in place.

3. Let Your Guests Dress Appropriately

Most guests will simply follow what the bride is wearing when it comes to attire. If you are the bride, you can tell your friends and family to dress in light clothes. 

If you plan to hold the wedding in the evening or night, tell your guests to prepare for the change in weather.

4. Have a Variety of Refreshments

Ice cold refreshments are one of the best things you can have at your wedding. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you have to make sure that you have the following:

  • Ice cold water
  • Ice cold juice
  • Ice cold beer

Do not forget to have these as you prepare for your wedding. 

5. Invest in Cooling Appliances

You can hire a cooling company to provide you with air-conditioning systems. Most cooling systems are usually safe and sound and can be used outdoors. 

So, as you plan for your big day, make sure that you keep your guests cool and comfortable. You can do this by giving them enough shade, water, and fans.

This will not only help them enjoy themselves, but it will also help you keep your cool.


Organizing an outdoor wedding can be an exciting thing to do. You will not only get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but your guests will also have a great time.

If you intend to hold your wedding outdoors, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. Keep them in the shade as much as possible, provide cooling misters and fans, serve cold drinks, remind guests to dress appropriately, and invest in chiller rentals.  With these in place, there is no doubt that you will have a wonderful time.

London Climate Hire offers reliable chiller rental services that are perfect for your needs. Contact us today to know more about our available chillers that will suit your outdoor wedding!