commercial boiler

Problems with commercial boilercommercial boilerss can turn into a huge inconvenience. Usually, a common problem occurs in system pressure, which could lead the boiler to stop working properly. When this happens, you won’t have heating and hot water, which can be detrimental to your business. 

The good news is, fixing a commercial boiler pressure is pretty easy. You could even do this by yourself, but it will still depend on the cause of the problem. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to fix it for you. 

Here are some steps you need to take if you encounter boiler pressure issues: 

Low Pressure

Low pressure occurs due to water or steam leakage. Even if a leak is only small, it could cause the heating system to lose a significant amount of pressure over time. A drop in pressure is also possible following radiator bleeding or problems with components in the return system. 

You can check if the pressure is too low by checking the pressure gauge on the control panel. If the reading is less than the minimum pressure as stated in the manufacturer’s manual, you can follow the instructions to repressurise the system. If the boiler maintains the desired pressure after depressurisation, you don’t need to do any more steps. 

If repressurising the system seems unsafe, it’s best to leave the task to a professional. 

High Pressure

If the boiler problem is a high-pressure issue, check the pressure gauge to confirm if the heating system is operating under excess pressure. If it is, look for potential problems with components like the PRV or filling loop. 

Maintain Boiler Water Pressure

There are ways to keep the water pressure in your boiler at the right level. An effective way to do so is to schedule regular maintenance to ensure any issues will be identified and fixed as soon as possible. 

During maintenance, the professional will conduct assessments to ensure your boiler is working as it should. For one, they will look at the system and check the internal and external components. Your boiler technician will also look at the pipework and the flue. 

Through regular maintenance, any issues, whether big or small, will be identified right away. 

Another good thing about having your boiler undergo regular maintenance is that your technician can help you maintain the correct boiler pressure. It will also keep the system working as efficiently as possible; in turn, it will help you maximise its lifespan. 

Keep in mind: no matter how careful you are with your boiler, there is always the risk that it will break down or require repairs. That’s why you need to have a reliable professional who can help maintain your system. 


Dealing with boiler pressure may be something you can do by yourself, but it’s still crucial to have the system regularly checked by professionals. This way, you can guarantee that your system is in good working condition, preventing further issues down the road. All you need is to find a reliable professional company that will take care of your commercial boiler system. 

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