Housing associations constantly face stress as they are funded with public money while still trying to meet the needs of thousands of residents. This kind of strain only gets worse when the colder months arrive, as the housing associations need to make sure that residents get the heating they need to continue living comfortably.

To alleviate such burdens, considering the use of temporary boilers seems like a logical thing to do. After all, boilers aren’t as much used in the warmer months as in the colder ones, and temporary boilers can help housing associations meet that extra demand for heating needs.

That being said, here are more reasons housing associations should consider the use of temporary boilers:

Allows Current Boilers to Be Maintained

Boilers do not last forever. All boilers need to be serviced once in a while, but the boilers will be off during that service. This can be problematic for housing associations if the boilers are in full swing. The fear of maintenance to keep it running and providing heat can cause delays in maintenance, and the risk of breaking down becomes ever more significant.

Temporary boilers alleviate this problem by allowing the housing association to switch out the current boilers with temporary boilers that work just fine. While the temporary boilers are hard at work providing heat to the residents, repairs can be carried out for current boilers to prevent problems that can lead to serious downtime.

Removes the Strain off of Current Boilers

Even if current boilers are in the best condition possible, they can only do so much to provide all the heating that residents need. Overworking boilers can lead to serious problems. Not only will they deteriorate much faster, but they may still not be able to meet the increased heating needs by themselves.

This is where temporary boilers come in. Such a solution can quickly be added to the main boilers to support heating needs. More boilers simply mean more heat produced, and when the demand rises because of temporary circumstances, temporary boilers can help housing associations hit that demand. Plus, it relieves strain from the main boilers, allowing the current boilers to last a lot longer.

Reduce Possible Downtime Experienced

Downtime can happen at any time. Funnily enough, they occur in the worst time possible. Regardless, any downtime with the boilers is bad news, as this means no heat for residents leading to unhappy individuals.

Regardless of the cause of the boiler downtime, temporary boilers can act as a quick solution to get heating up and running once more while the main problem gets analyzed and fixed. This ensures that the residents can still enjoy the warmth as if nothing happened, staying warm and happy even on the coldest of days.


With all these benefits of having temporary boilers, there’s no reason for housing associations not to use them when needed. Temporary boilers are the best answer to any heating needs, whether the primary boilers have failed, need maintenance, or cannot meet the rising heating demands. That being said, taking the time to look for reliable and professional providers of temporary boilers is a must. This way, housing associations can enjoy using high-quality boilers that are serviced well and are guaranteed to be reliable at performing their duty.

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