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Whether it is for comfortable working conditions or a temporary solution to keep patrons cool, hiring air conditioning units couldn’t be easier than with London Climate Hire.

Hiring air conditioning is simple with London Climate Hire.  Our air conditioning units are designed to suit most cooling applications.  The units are designed for efficiency and effectiveness.  For ease of use and installation, our air conditioning units can be placed large distances from outdoor vents and where such units are often not available.

Our designers have considered all eventualities and come up with a design for your needs.  Of primary importance is the ease of use, but the designs also respect the need to protect the environment.  The units have economic energy needs. We offer reliability with power. Hiring air conditioning is crucial to the comfort of your workers, your customers and you.  Contact one of our experts today to see how we can help.

London Climate Hire has a range of air conditioning units for hire. 

Compare our units and find the one that suits your needs:

Com Cool Evaporative Cooler MCM230 6.3Kw MCWS500 MCWS250 7.3kW

Large Volume/ heavy duty unit


2Amps of energy to create 20Kw of cooling


Diaphragm pump


Water filter


Locking castors


Tank purge system


Recessed controls

·         Equivalent Duty kW BTU: 20KW / 71000 BTU

·         Additional recessed controls: Multiple fan speeds

·         Dimensions: 1660 x 640 x 500mm
Weight Approx.: (Empty) 100 kg

·         Tank Capacity: 90 litres

·         Power Supply (Volt / Amps): 230v 13 amp

·         Plug Type: 13amp standard plug


EC fan technology for minimal noise


6.7kW of chilled air to two area’s at once via 10M of ducting


Perfect for office areas, data centres and retail units

·         Duty: kW6.7 KW

·         Operating Range: 21°C – 38°C

·         Dimensions (W x L x H): 1080 x 530 x 690


·         Weight Approx.: 86 Kg

·         Noise Level dba: Av. 64dBA @ 10 metres


·         Typical Cooled Area: 150m³

·         Cooling Ducting: 2 x 150mm

·         Exhaust Ducting: 300mm

·         Power Supply (Volt / Amps): 13amp 240v

·         Plug Type: 13amp standard plug


Water system to offer 14.6kW of cooling with only a small proportion of the energy


Designed with data centres, server rooms and events in mind


Much reduced footprint: small but powerful


Can be sited up to 35m from outdoor section


·         Duty: 14.6KW

·         Operating Range: 9°C – 38°C

·         Temp Range:60 – 90°C

·         Additional controls: Thermostatic

·         Dimensions (W x L x H): 1835x670x450

·         Weight Approx: 175 Kg

·         Noise Level dba:  Av.63dBA @ 10 metres

·         Power Supply (Volt / Amps): 415V 3ph 32A Running 20A

·         Plug Type: 32A Red Commando plug



The perfect all round cooling application


Water system to offer 7.3kW of cool air in a small footprint


Can be sited up to 35m from outdoor section


·         Duty kW: 7.3kW

·         Operating Range: 9°C – 38°C

·         Additional controls: Thermostatic

·         Dimensions (W x L x H): 350x820x380

·         Weight Approx.: 125 Kg
Noise Level dba:  Av.60dBA @ 10 metres
Power Supply (Volt / Amps): 230V 1ph Running 11amps
Plug Type: 230v Standard plug


Hiring air conditioning with London Climate Hire is simple.  Our units are perfect for the following:

  • Educational Facilities
  • Events & Exibitions
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Large Factories
  • Marquees
  • Portable Buildings
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Sports Halls


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