Leaks are very common problems in commercial boilers. It might seem like a simple problem (what harm could a few drops do, right?)—but leaks are a sign that a boiler has incurred significant damages and should be repaired as soon as possible. Replacing your building’s boiler while it’s under repair is a must to keep the heating systems running smoothly. In this vein, a commercial boiler rental in London is your best option. 

Identifying a Boiler Leak

Identifying these problems early on can save you the trouble and cost of major repairs or having to purchase a new boiler altogether.

One of the most practical ways to spot a leak is to observe the base of your commercial boiler for any water build-up and drips that may be coming from the machine itself. Bear in mind, however, that not all leaks can easily be seen. Boilers can also have steam leaks on different areas or rust build-up from constant moisture that deteriorates its jacketing and insulation. Checking your boiler’s water usage for any unusual activity and levels may indicate a leak that may not immediately be apparent to the eye. 

Once you’ve caught a boiler leak, it’s helpful to identify the root cause of the problem to determine the best course of action in its repair and replacement. The more you know why a boiler is leaking, the better equipped the right technicians will be to resolve the issue. 

  • Corrosion

Water escapes the boiler when rust and corrosion break down the vessel itself. These are telltale signs that the boiler is old and in need of replacement—or simply if it has water filled with impurities that accelerate the rusting process inside it! 

This can cause scale build-up in the boiler and nearby pipings. 

  • Pump

The pump is an essential part of the boiler as it keeps water circulating throughout the entire system. It’s a machine component that never stops working, which is why it can be prone to breakage, especially when water and other elements move rapidly through it. These can be resealed with a gasket kit or may need to be replaced entirely depending on the damage sustained.

  • Pipes

Pipes can be responsible for leaks if not correctly installed. Corrosion that causes degradation in the pipes can also cause leaks in the boiler. This problem can be remedied by proper replacement and installation. 

  • Pressure Relief Valve

Too much pressure can build up inside a boiler system, so it’s necessary for the pressure relief valve to prevent this. Steam and water are released when the pressure is too high and can cause damage, so repairing the valve by resealing or removing debris is the next best step. 

Addressing a Boiler Leak

The best course of action is to call a qualified technician to assess the state of your boiler. When they’ve determined that it is needed for repair, the next step would be to reach out to a boiler hire service in London for uninterrupted heating in your building. 

The following repairs should be taking place: 

Preventive Maintenance

When your boiler comes back from repair, it’s crucial to maintain a regular maintenance schedule to prevent similar problems from happening. Preventive maintenance measures can also catch issues in the early stages when minor repairs can still be done. 

Short-Term and Long-Term Repair and Maintenance

Short-term repairs include resealing or replacing boiler parts that are no longer functioning as usual. If significant repairs are needed, then boiler rentals are a great alternative to keep your system running. 

However, long term solutions may require a replacement of the entire boiler system if issues like rust or corrosion persist. This is particularly true for older boiler systems. 


Issues with boiler systems are unavoidable, especially since they keep heating systems up and running 24/7. Preventive maintenance checks are encouraged to keep commercial boilers functioning smoothly—but if issues like leaks persist, it might be time for repairs and replacements. Keeping your boiler system up and running is extremely important especially as the colder months approach, so while repairs or replacements are ongoing, it’s the most practical approach to rent a boiler system from a reputable provider near you. 

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