Replacing your boiler is not that easy. You cannot simply randomly place the unit after acquiring it. Companies that offer boiler hire services recommend hiring professionals to help you with the replacement. 

Experts care about the safety of the replacement and the surrounding people. You will never be safe when you do the replacement by yourself. It is best to discuss with the expert where you will be putting the boiler.

There is a need to plan the unit’s placement to prevent accidents. However, you should not worry about its placement because you can easily discuss the arrangement with the boiler hire expert. The following are steps on where to place the boiler.      


After acquiring the boiler hire, you need to look for a place to put the unit. You need the following to do this step:

  • Pen and paper (or your tablet)
  • Camera (your phone camera can do the job)
  • Tape measure (a laser measure would work better)

Site Survey

Start by taking a photo of the space where you want to place the boiler. Start by marking the middle of the boiler’s location. It will serve as a gauge to know whether the place is suitable.  

After which, you can measure the room. This way, you will know whether the boiler will fit in the location. Alternatively, you can start by figuring out the size of the boiler. 

You can check the data plate of your existing boiler. However, it is best to allow the boiler hire expert to do this part to prevent accidents. He will also measure the room to know whether the boiler will fit. 

The expert will also inspect if the room has a reliable water source. He will also check if the power source is within reach. If not, he will inform you to have an extension made.

Flue Route

Next, you will have to discuss the flue route. The route will depend on the location of the boiler. Flues tubes are parts of a boiler to distribute heated air and gases. Proper flue pipe installation is essential to the boiler’s performance and safety.  

You will have to discuss the flue route with the experts to avoid future accidents. The expert will also have to consider the length of the flue. It will depend on the location of the boiler. 

Drain for Condensation

A boiler has a higher chance of causing accidents if it is not drained regularly. The boiler works to heat water so that it can produce steam. However, the steam will have to cool down before it can be used.  

To do this, you need to have a drain for the condensation. The experts will consider the location of the drain for the condensation. It should be close to the boiler.

The incoming condensation water will be drained to a specific location. You must ensure that the condensation water lines are set within a particular area. Please also include this in your discussion with the expert.


Replacing your boiler is a big task. You need to hire boiler hire experts to help you with this because they are the best people to rely on. Before you proceed with the job, kindly talk to the specialists about the boiler’s placement.

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