beverage chiller

When your catering company requires a chiller during special occasions, it may be best to seek chiller rentals instead of purchasing one that you know you won’t be using regularly. Doing so helps you save money on getting a temporary refrigerator and freezer to accommodate your needs during a particular period.

It doesn’t matter if you belong to the food industry or not—many businesses can benefit from a chiller to give them an easier time managing their food without worrying about spoilage or damage. However, before you begin looking for the perfect chiller for rent, you have to make sure the provider you depend on offers reliable units that won’t leave you with issues over time.

There are factors you must understand when hiring a chiller because there are different refrigeration units available for you to choose from, including what type and size you need. Keep reading below to find out useful tips to help you acquire the best chiller based on your requirements.

Determine If There Is Cross-Contamination Involved

Whether you run a catering business or a restaurant that requires additional equipment for a short period, renting a chiller should always involve adhering to food safety regulations. Everything that goes on in your kitchen should prioritise cleanliness—which means you have to prevent cross-contamination from ever happening.

You can keep potential diseases from occurring by separating raw food from cooked food, for one. After all, it’s integral to prevent your clients or workers from getting sick due to being careless about storing cooked meat with uncooked produce in one chilling area.

If you’re positive about getting a chiller for rent and having different kinds of food involved, you must have the proper budget to obtain one chiller for cooked food and another for raw food. While it will cost you more in the long run, it’s only crucial for keeping the people involved safe!

Assess What Products to Put and Temperatures to Set

Once you decide on how many temporary chillers you’re going to need for your catering job, you need to know what exactly you’re putting away in the cold storage. It’s integral to know the specific kinds of food, ingredients, and products because not everything can thrive in the same temperatures.

While a walk-in cooler works to keep the goods chilled for a few hours, if your job entails a longer duration which could go on for the days, it’s essential to rent out several chilling units. That way, the produce will maintain its freshness and good quality throughout the entire event.

Moreover, getting additional units does not limit you from sticking to one kind of chiller, especially if you’re managing food items of different sizes and requirements. There are refrigerated vans, trailers, and walk-in cold rooms that all offer various benefits and will ultimately depend on your storage needs.

Find Out About the Sanitisation Factors Involved

If your job involves food, as part of the food safety standards, you must guarantee you and your employees treat good hygiene with importance. Thus, you need to set up the commercial chiller in a location where a handwashing station is easily accessible.

Unfortunately, hiring a trailer or walk-in chiller could be challenging because they don’t come with handwashing facilities. During situations like it, it may be necessary to put up the walk-in chiller where the safety and sanitisation of the products are well regarded.


Whether you’re managing food catering for a small or large event, it’s fundamental you know what you’re signing up for by learning to acquire the right equipment. When opting for chiller rental services, you must find out about cross-contamination problems, what products to put and temperatures to set them at, and other sanitisation factors that could make or break the catering event. 

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