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Water on the floor is the last thing a boiler operator wants to see, but leaky boilers are too prevalent. While a tiny quantity of water may not appear to be a reason for alarm, it is frequently a symptom of something more serious. 

Not to mention that leaky water wastes energy increases water treatment expenses and increases gasoline use. Go through the most prevalent reasons for commercial boiler leaks and where to find boiler rentals in London in this post.

What Should You Do About Boiler Leak?

Determine The Severity of The Leak

Reliant on the severity of the tube leak, your boiler may or may not need to be turned down immediately. For minor leaks, you may usually keep using the system while waiting for an examination. However, you may need to shut down the system right once in a severe rupture.

Repair Leaked Boiler Tubes 

Then, have a qualified provider fix the leaky tube as quickly as possible. This entails looking for weld flaws as well as scaled or pitted tubes. The business then replaces damaged leaky tubes with new tubes. The tubes can be rolled, beaded, or welded, depending on the application. Finally, hydro testing is required to ensure that the repairs have been completed successfully.

Get To The Root of The Problem

After that, you must address the leak’s root cause. If inadequate water treatment creates corrosion on the tubes, the water chemistry needs to be adjusted. Similarly, if scale buildup is a problem, fix the core reason to avoid future problems and opt for boiler hire. 

What Are the Sources of Leaks from the Boiler’s Exterior?

Leaks from a leaking boiler can occur both within and outside the tank. Here are a few common sources of leaks:

Piping and Valves

Leaks in pipes can happen in various places, but they’re most prevalent when piping joins machinery or valves. Boiler operators can isolate and rectify pipe leaks depending on their location and severity. Alternatively, they may wait until the next boiler shuts down to let the pipe leak.


Another common area to find a leak is under the sink. Gaskets deteriorate when pumps move water. This, in turn, might result in leaks surrounding the pump. Replacing the gaskets is all that is required to stop the leaks. In certain circumstances, however, this may necessitate pump replacement.

Steam Traps 

Trout problems can sometimes go undiscovered due to the many steam traps employed in a boiler system. Steam traps are mechanical devices that, like all mechanical equipment, will ultimately fail if they are not properly maintained. 

Steam leaks can occur when a steam trap fails to discharge condensed steam and air. Failure can be caused by silt buildup in the trap, oversizing, or unexpected pressure surges. Keeping an eye on your steam traps should be part of your overall maintenance plan. 

Installing a test valve downstream, utilizing listening equipment, or monitoring the temperature differential on the intake and output are all ways to test steam traps.

Repairing Leaks

If the boiler’s water level or pressure cannot be maintained, it must be turned off immediately.

If you suspect a little leak, schedule an inspection during your next shutdown and fix the problem. However, if you leave a leak unattended for too long, it will only worsen. This might also impact combustion, which is a very hazardous circumstance.

Finally, ignored leaks might lead to a lack of water. Keeping the boiler’s water level at the usual operating level is critical. Low water cutoff switches prohibit the boiler from igniting when the water level falls below that level. This can halt steam production, resulting in prolonged downtime.


Various simple and complicated factors can cause boiler leaks, but they all demand quick treatment. You can also look for a boiler hire company in London. Finally, all boilers degrade with time and require regular maintenance to ensure that they last the anticipated lifetime.

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