commercial boiler

If you rely on your boiler to do the work of making itself efficient, you shouldn’t expect optimal results. Fuel consumption and reduced running costs are just a couple of the ways a boiler can save your business money and improve efficiency, and you can help your boiler do so with a few easy steps. If you’re wondering what you can do to make the most out of a commercial boiler, consider the following.

1. Monitor Your Boiler’s Performance

If you’re using a boiler, you’re using a lot of fuel. Boiler maintenance shouldn’t be forgotten. A boiler that’s not running at peak efficiency is costing you more than it needs to, and you may be wasting energy. Monitor your boiler’s performance to keep its efficiency high. Know what the normal production of water is for your boiler, and if it doesn’t meet those standards, have a look at the issues. 

2. Be Proactive with Maintenance

Most commercial boilers are designed to last for five years, but it’s not an exact science. Be proactive with maintenance because water heaters can stop working at any time. While it isn’t always feasible to do so, try to schedule a boiler service before any kind of trouble occurs. 

Your boiler should have a yearly maintenance checkup. This should include a visual inspection for corrosion and cleaning of the heat exchanger. Make sure it’s running properly, and if it’s not, call a professional for repairs. 

3. Keep the Flue Clear

Commercial boilers are generally located in the basement, but the flue leading to the outside of the building is also very important. Flues often       

become blocked by leaves, dirt, and snow. If the flue isn’t kept clear, it can cause damage to the boiler, which will end up costing you more money. 

4. Educate Your Staff

You’re probably well aware that a boiler can be a serious safety hazard. If anyone is wondering, remind them about the risks and how to avoid them. Boilers can get hot enough to burn skin, so make sure your staff knows what to do when they see one. 

Boiler maintenance may not be on the top of your employees’ minds, but they can inform you if they know about a boiler’s problems. They can also offer to be part of the solution by watching for signs of problems and alerting you to potential issues as soon as they see them. 

5. Keep It Clean

Boilers are generally located in the basement or mechanical room, so it’s easy for them to get dusty. It’s important to clean the boiler itself regularly, and this same process can be applied to your other appliances. A little bit of elbow grease can go a long way, and the benefits can be more than just the physical ones. When you keep your equipment clean, you reduce the risk of costly maintenance repairs.


For most businesses, time is money. When a boiler isn’t running properly, it is costing you time and money, so you need to properly maintain your boiler. These are just some simple steps you can do to help ensure your commercial boiler has a long and useful life.

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