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Do you have a data centre that needs chilling to keep running and performing well? If so, then you should consider a data centre chiller cooling system. These solutions are high-specialised cooling systems that combat the heat—a nemesis of all electronics.

That being said, if you are interested in using such solutions, here’s what you need to know about them:

What Are Data Centre Chillers?

Data centre chillers are highly specialised systems that offer a cooling solution to rooms where servers are going to be hosted. In other words, data centre chillers offer the best way to cool the servers and other hardware in the data centre.

These chiller systems are effective in cooling down the IT equipment without increasing the energy consumption. Though these systems are costly to install, they are effective in managing the temperature of the data centre, which is what the end-user cares about the most.

At present, the data centre chillers use CO2 as the cooling agent. The substance works well as a refrigerant, known to be efficient and cost-effective. However, there are many other types of solutions out there, each using different techniques to cool data centres.

How Do They Work?

In order to understand how data centre chillers work, it is essential to look at their components. It consists of a chiller, air distillation unit, IT hardware, and a circulation system.

Chiller: This is the most essential component of the data centre chiller cooling system. The chiller, which is mounted on the roof of the facility, uses water as the cooling agent. The water is passed through a heat exchanger and cooled to the desired temperature. The system is then used to cool the incoming hot air. The refrigerant used in this system also passes through the IT hardware. 

Air distillation unit: This is the unit that removes the water vapour from the air. The air is then dried and passes through the IT hardware.

IT hardware: The IT hardware is the components in the data centre that need cooling. This includes the racks, cabinets, and other equipment.

Circulation system: In order to cool the air and direct it to the data centre, a circulation system is integrated into the chiller cooling system. It creates a path for the air inside the data centre to pass through the chiller cooling system. Moreover, it allows the air to pass through the IT hardware and then out of the data centre into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Data Centre Chillers

The data centre chiller cooling solution provides many benefits:

1. Improves Efficiency

The data centre chillers have an efficient cooling capacity, allowing the hardware to operate more efficiently. The system also allows for better load balancing and data centre utilisation.

2. Easy To Expand

Since the data centre chiller cooling system uses cool water, it is easy to increase and expand the cooling capacity. This is done by adding more chillers in the data centre.

3. Lowers Noise Levels

The data centre chiller cooling system produces low noise levels. This means that the operation and maintenance of the chiller system are easy and safe.

4. High Energy Efficiency

The data centre chillers are highly energy efficient. This means that the data centre chiller system costs less on the energy bill compared to other cooling systems.

5. Low Maintenance Cost

Since the data centre chillers are highly energy-efficient, they require low maintenance. This means that the data centre cooling system is less expensive to maintain.

6. Minimises the Risk of Wasted IT Equipment

The data centre chillers offer the most efficient cooling solutions. This means that the system is better at maintaining controlled temperature, thereby conserving the health of the IT equipment.


There are many great things about data centre chiller systems, and if you do have a data centre, it pays to invest in such a solution. Of course, there are many different solutions out there to meet different needs. As such, spend the time researching and understanding your needs and figure out which system works best for your need!

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