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Having a chiller during the hottest months can be quite a luxury. The refrigerator-like machine helps remove any heat from a specific room, transferring it elsewhere. It may not be of use during the times when the room is more chilly than warm, but that’s the perks of getting a chiller rental. 

This does beg the question about what kind of temporary chiller hire is good to have. The two types that people can choose between are water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. Their main difference is the cooling source that the chiller uses in order to remove heat from a room, with one utilizing a water tower and the other taking advantage of air. Here are what you should consider when choosing between both:


Chillers can use quite a bit of energy, which does spiral into how the environment is doing. If you wish to be more conscious about how eco-friendly and energy-saving your chiller is, choosing water-cooled chillers might be the best way to go. 

Water-cooled chillers are better for the environment because they are less likely to have toxic chemicals and should naturally last longer. However, it’s worth noting that there may be some water wastage, unlike with air-cooled chillers.


The placement of the chiller is an important factor, especially when it comes time to figuring out the space needed. Many industrial establishments will need to have a separate room if they’re looking to get a water-cooled chiller; air-cooled ones are installed on the rooftop for open air. 

Just be mindful of the noise as well, though. If you’re running an establishment that needs the premises to be quiet at all times, like a school, church or hospital, not the most brilliant idea to get an air-cooled chiller that may cause a bit of noise. Water-cooled chillers will be much quieter.


As implied above, water-cooled chillers would need more space as they have multiple parts to get installed. There’s the water tower, compressors, valves, power panels and more. If you’re looking for a quick system that will make your room colder sooner, an air-cooled chiller system is uncomplicated and gives you what you need.


Water-cooled chillers often entail a lot more costs than air-cooled chillers, solely because so much water has to be used. If it’s possible to negotiate and waive the water bills, or you can afford the amount charged, go for a water-cooled chiller by all means. Air-cooled chillers can also be expensive on their own terms due to the energy costs.


While we’re on the subject of cost, considering the efficiency of your chiller is also important. Since the main purpose of getting a chiller is to have that quick heat transfer and having a more bearable room temperature, water-cooled chillers are more affected by a small margin compared to air-cooled chillers. 


Finally, when it comes to the maintenance of your chillers, they’re both prone to their problems. Air-cooled chillers may be better, though. This is solely because water-cooled chillers have many components that have to be regularly assessed, treated and cleaned more so than air-cooled chillers.


Each chiller type does have its own advantages and disadvantages, so it can truly depend on the kind of establishment it’s going to. Your circumstances and priorities should be able to direct you to whether you need a water-cooled chiller or air-cooled chiller.

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