How many times have you heard of the term “condensing boiler” and wonder what it could be? Well, if you still want to know what it is, you are in the right place as in this post, London Climate Hire, a trusted company for boiler rental services in London, explains what a condensing boiler is and other information about it:

What a Condensing Boiler Is

A condensing boiler is named in reference to the way this type of boiler operates. Condensing boilers are made to increase energy efficiency. They run on either gas or oil. They collect the gas that is generated by burning fuels and then use that to heat cold water that enters the system, saving you money while at the same time minimizing carbon emissions. 

The Difference Between a Condensing and Non-Condensing Boiler

The major difference between these two types of boilers is how much useable heat is produced. Another one is that non-condensing boilers only use one heat exchanger, so if that’s still what you’re using in your home, you probably see waste gases released from the flue – proof of how much heat is wasted! Condensing boilers, on the other hand, have two heat exchangers, making them more efficient.

How Condensing Boilers Work

As mentioned above, condensing boilers use gas or oil as fuel. This fuel will start to burn as soon as the boiler is ignited, and as it burns, the heat it creates in the burner is directed into the primary heat exchanger. The hot air then travels through the heat exchanger and is kept there for as long as possible to increase the temperature. This is what heats the radiators.

This heat also gets through a condensing area, which is unique to this type of boiler. As it does that, droplets of water vapour are collected and disposed of through a drain.

Condensing boilers are built to recover more heat. While the heat from an older boiler can reach beyond 200 degrees, condensing boilers can reduce this to about 55 degrees Celsius. 

Benefits of a Condensing Boiler

Aside from the efficiency, here are some of the other benefits of a condensing boiler:

It helps you save money. Because they save energy and heat and recycle them, this boiler can help you save money on energy bills. 

You can control it wirelessly. Thermostats of condensing boilers can be controlled remotely. They automatically detect the air temperature and tweak the heating as needed. 

They are compact. That means you won’t need such a big space and can even be installed easily inside your kitchen cupboard. 

Safety and Reliability of Condensing Boilers

You are probably worried about the safety of condensing boilers, especially if you haven’t used them before. What you should know is that manufacturers have done extensive safety and quality checks to make sure that condensing boilers do their job in a perfectly safe way. They are, in fact, safer because there’s no risk of getting exposed to toxic gases or substances as they are disposed of through the drainage system. Condensing boilers are also as reliable as standard boilers, if not more.


Hopefully, this article answers your questions about condensing boilers and provides you with information so you can decide on whether or not it is the right solution for you. You might want to consider boiler rentals if you need a temporary solution for your business or if you’re going to see if it’s the right fit before you purchase one. 

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