It is essential to have a chiller in your office. When your chiller is operating as it should, you can ensure that your employees feel comfortable enough to work smoothly throughout the day. 

But you have to keep in mind that not all chiller rentals are made equal. You should find one that is most suitable for your business. You can choose between portal chiller rentals and central chiller rentals.

Portable Chiller Rental

Portable chiller rentals are perfect for companies that want the flexibility of using these units in different settings. As one machine is cooling, their central counterparts can provide the cooling power the company needs. Portable chillers are the ideal choice when one or two devices need to be cooled at any given moment. 

Noise and Floor Space

If you want to have a lot of space or want to put several machines in a single area, then portable chillers are an excellent choice for you. They can take up a lot of room, but they’re great for large spaces since it will be easier to manage their coolant lines. Portable chillers tend to be a bit louder compared to indoor units. However, these loud noises do not emit as much heat, which means you will have low energy costs.

Cost and Performance

Portable chillers are popular among businesses that prioritise performance. If your existing chillers need temperature flexibility, their cost will determine whether or not they are worth buying. 

A portable chiller rental is more accurate than central chillers since they can regulate at different temperatures. They are ideal for industries with high output requirements, such as food processing plants. It is important to remember that these chillers are more expensive than their central counterparts.

Central Chiller Rental

If you plan to cool a large area, your best bet is central chiller rentals. They operate at one temperature, which means they are more efficient than split chillers with multiple zones. The latter also have different temperatures just to cool a variety of machines on your building or floor’s premises.

A central chiller is extremely helpful indoors. On top of that, it also provides exceptional outdoor air-cooling solutions where you need them most, including beneath greenhouse roofs and rooftop gardens. A central chiller rental is great when an excessive amount of generating equipment emits heat in your property.

Noise and Floor Space

Businesses with limited space can benefit from an outdoor chiller. Since they are installed outside, they won’t make that much noise. They also happen to be very efficient to use. You can have them fixed in equipment spaces, unlike portable units, so that you can make the most out of these coolers. Doing so will help improve their efficiency since they will emit less heat. There’s no need to worry about installation costs too.

Cost and Performance

Central chiller rentals will work for you when you need uniform cooling. However, it might not be the best option if you need precise temperature control. Instead, you should consider a water-cooled chiller system since they have an accuracy of approximately 5°F max from one side to the other on each unit. They’re usually more expensive than air-cooled models, so you need to ensure that the price matches accordingly.


A chiller rental on your business premises can help keep your office cool. Whether you choose a portable or a central chiller rental, you can help keep your employees comfortable and productive all day. If you want to learn more about getting a chiller for hire, you can always consult a professional.

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