Companies in need of a boiler always ask themselves if it would be better to rent or to buy one. When it comes to getting a boiler, buying one versus renting one have significant advantages and disadvantages. Before you make a decision, it’s essential that you know what to expect whether you buy or rent a boiler to meet your commercial needs. Here’s the difference between buying and renting:

Renting a Boiler

Renting a boiler entails a long-term leasing process. If you really have no plans to purchase your own boiler, then renting one would be the logical choice. On the other hand, some boiler rental companies offer specific terms when needed such as, boiler rental following an emergency, shut-down, or repair. Additionally, some companies who rent boilers only rent it out to address periods of high demand. 

Expect to save more money when you rent a boiler, especially if it comes to a point in which your boiler will need repairs or temporary replacement. With renting, you can also try different makes to help you determine which brand is right for you, should you eventually decide to buy a boiler for your company. 

In case of maintenance and repairs, you can rest assured that with a rental boiler that you won’t have to worry too much. With renting, you no longer need to look for professionals on your own to provide maintenance or repair your boiler, as the company you rented from will be the one to do this for you. 

Buying a Boiler

If you want to buy a boiler, you need to do some thorough research. Take your time so that you can familiarize yourself with industry leaders to know the best brands and models. You also need to consider the specifications of the boiler, its workload capacity, emission levels, safety features, and built-in controls. 

One advantage of buying a boiler is that you gain more control over the make, model, and specifications. So if you’re thinking long-term, then buying a boiler would be the best choice for you. 

Boiler Maintenance

Whether you decide to rent or buy a boiler, you need to ensure that the equipment will undergo proper maintenance. If you buy a boiler, expect to allot some time in the day to maintain it. This could be as simple as keeping a log of essential information that will help you stay on track of the boiler’s performance. 

For this, some key information that you should track down are the water level, gas pressure, fuel consumption, and the like.


The needs of every company are different. When it comes to making a decision between buying or renting a boiler, take your time mulling it over before making a purchase or signing a lease. Assess the needs of your company and your budget. Fortunately, regardless of whether you rent or buy a boiler, there are plenty of reputable providers out there that can suit your needs. 

As such, finding a boiler hire service will not be a problem for you these days, as there are so many boiler hire service companies to choose from. The same goes for when you plan to purchase a boiler for your company. Ultimately, what’s important here is to determine whether renting or buying would be more advantageous for your company in the long run. From there, you should be able to come up with the right decision. 

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