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Every boiler system uses hardworking components to heat indoor air efficiently, but its parts can easily sustain wear and tear. When one part breaks down, it can impact the whole production and lead to expensive downtimes; that’s why providing regular maintenance is crucial to ensure everything functions smoothly as possible.

Providing regular TLC should keep the boiler system in tip-top condition. Still, accidents can happen unexpectedly, so it’s better to have spare parts on hand so you can address problems immediately if something goes wrong. 

Most mechanical types of equipment take longer to process, so you’ll be compromising your productivity and profits if you have to wait to replace any malfunctioning parts. With that in mind, the guide below covers critical boiler spare parts you should have in your inventory: 

High and Low Gas Pressure Switches 

The high and low gas pressure switches are responsible for regulating the boiler’s gas intake, which gives it a critical role to play in your system. A flaw in the switches can result in the boiler either getting too much or too little gas, both of which can lead to a fatal explosion. 

That’s why having spare high and low gas pressure switches can be crucial to have in storage so you can quickly replace them when it malfunctions. You’ll only need a qualified technician to set it up for you! 

Combustion Air Switch 

Without the combustion air switch, the entire boiler system can stop running altogether. This is because the air switch ensures the fan spins to create airflow, which is what opens the fuel valves in the first place. When the air switch breaks, the burner won’t light, and you’ll be working with a dud. 

Gas Regulator 

Gas regulators can be challenging to procure quickly, so it’s always handy to have a spare around just in case. Not to mention, they play a pivotal function in easing the pressure to ensure the boiler runs within a safe range by regulating the flow of the gas. Without a gas regulator, there won’t be anything to increase or decrease the pressure in the system, which can also result in an untimely explosion.


Gaskets are low-cost, replaceable parts that need changing every 12 months, so it makes sense to keep plenty of spare parts in your storage to minimize the hassle of procuring another one. Gaskets are also important for sealing the boiler and preventing outages or leaks, so don’t think it’s a part you can go without.

The Bottom Line: Saving Downtime and Productivity by Keeping Spare Parts 

Imagine all the emergency calls and waiting time you need to spend throughout the supply process on top of the fees you need to pay and production loss. By storing critical components in your inventory, you can shorten the downtime and easily get your boiler system back on track.

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