Most of the time, people usually overlook heating systems unless the equipment abruptly stops working. Unfortunately, when this time comes, it’s probably already too late to do anything about your boiler’s sudden breakdown. Hence, you have no choice but to contact a service provider to assess and repair the damage. And in worst cases, you’ll have to shell out a hefty amount of money to either mend or replace it.

Nonetheless, believe it or not, there are also some instances that boilers stop working due to an easy-to-fix problem that does not require a professional touch. In fact, there have been numerous reports of boiler hire services receiving requests for emergency rentals even though the problem can be solved by simply turning the boiler on and off. 

With that said, it could be helpful to familiarise yourself with common boiler issues and solutions to prevent such things from happening. So without further ado, here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you save the expense of opting for a boiler hire service and repair company. 

1. Low Boiler Pressure 

Boilers have gauges where you can easily read the boiler pressure. In general, the marker must be set somewhere between one and two. So if it falls below one, your boiler is unlikely to work or function correctly.

Usually, it is easy to fix this problem. You can try repressurising your boiler by increasing the pressure on your own. However, if the problem persists, this may be due to a system leak that already requires professional repair.

2. No Heat or Hot Water 

The primary purpose of a boiler is to provide heating and hot water. And if it ceases to do the very thing it was designed to do, it’s natural to feel worried about it. Note that numerous issues may be causing your boiler to malfunction. So before you call on your service provider, it would be helpful to try and troubleshoot it first.

Check on the pressure gauge, for there’s a chance that your boiler only needs repressurising. If the problem does not lie there, you can browse the manufacturer’s guide for other possible solutions. If these suggestions don’t help, then that’s the time to get in touch with a boiler hire service and repair company to check on the system. 

3. Malfunctioning Radiators

There are instances wherein the radiators of your boiler malfunction. If you notice that only the bottom part of your radiators is getting hot, you might have to bleed them by letting some air escape. However, if specific radiators aren’t heating up like the others, you might need to balance them yourself. 

These are particularly easy to do without the help of an engineer. Nevertheless, if these solutions didn’t solve the issue, contact a professional to assist you since this might be due to a sludge build-up within the system. 


As mentioned, some problems only require basic repairs. In some cases, the mere act of resetting your boiler on and off can make a massive difference in troubleshooting many boiler issues. However, it is essential to note that there are limits to what you can do and fix. Thus, you must acknowledge when you need real professional help. 

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