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Simple to hire, easy to move: our boiler plant rooms can solve your temporary heating and hot water needs.

Our Boiler Plant Room hire is simple, flexible and cost effective. So, are you a building site looking for a temporary hot water solution? Or, are you a hospital that cannot afford to go without hot running water during temporary works?

From providing heating to marquis for events to offering temporary solutions for manufacturing processes, we have a boiler room solution that can fit your purpose.  Our 300Kw or 600Kw come in steal self-contained weatherproof housing.  It is built for fast and safe installation and comes complete with remote monitoring for additional efficiency and safety.

This is state of the art Boiler Plant Room hire equipment.  Each 300Kw and 600Kw Boiler Plant Room comes with:

  • Plate heat exchanges, offering primary and secondary circuits, for heating and domestic hot water
  • Intelligent actuation valves for precise temperature control
  • Hydraulic modules, permitting domestic hot water return.
  • Weismann Boiler & Weishaupt Burner, for excellence in safety.
  • Pressurisation unit and expansion unit built-in.

Both 300 and 600Kw units can be fueled by Gas, oil, natural gas, BioGas or Duel Fuel.

Our Boiler Plant Rooms are perfect for:

  • Anaerobic digestion plants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Large functions
  • Large residential areas
  • Laundries
  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Processing factories

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