Aside from angry, unsatisfied customers, boiler breakdowns are every business’ and commercial organisation’s worst nightmare. These are often costly and cause major inconvenience to the point that it can even damage the staff’s productivity and morale. Ultimately, it can cause a prolonged business downtime that cannot be won back. 

Considering all of these, it’s a smart idea to be always prepared for everything. Your boiler may have been performing without issue so far, but overconfidence only leads to disaster. It may give rise to not only financial costs but also serious health risks. 

To help you avoid boiler breakdown, take note of these three steps and make sure to put them into practice. 

1. Create a Contingency Plan 

Even when you are not expecting any problem to arise any time soon, you must create a contingency plan for your business. Most importantly, you must make sure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to this. 

The moment your boiler breaks down, the team’s overall productivity is compromised. You will have to act fast. With a contingency plan in place, you and your whole team will be able to respond to the emergency quickly and efficiently. Consequently, this will also minimise the impact of the system failure on your operations.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance 

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. To effectively avert the possibility of a boiler breakdown, you must have a planned programme of maintenance. This helps keep your system in good working order. Moreover, this enables you to identify any potential problems before they escalate into major issues. 

Make sure to regularly clean your system and double-check each component. For best results, work with a qualified technician in checking the pressure and carbon monoxide levels of the system.

Performing these maintenance checks regularly benefits your operations in two ways: first, it does not cause major disruption to your operations. Second, it extends the life of your boiler system and prevents issues from escalating.

3. Seek Regular Water Treatment 

Aside from visual inspection, water treatment is another must-have when it comes to maintaining your plant. This procedure is meant to solve any kind of sludge accumulation, scaling, corrosion, or overheating, therefore keeping the water quality inside it in optimal condition. Consequently, this leads to improved efficiency of your system and reduced running costs. 

What Do You Do in Case of a Boiler Breakdown? 

In case your boiler breaks down unexpectedly, your priority is to minimise downtime as much as possible. One way to do this is to hire an emergency boiler. Call your trusted temporary boiler company in London to discuss your needs and they will provide you with quick solutions. 

Their services can be your life-saver during such dire moments as they handle the situation with urgency to effectively reduce the outage duration.  


A boiler breakdown can cause significant consequences to your organisation. It can put a strain on your daily operations, cause deep dissatisfaction among your staff, and even give rise to health risks. For this reason, you must come up with your contingency plan as soon as possible. 

In the event of unexpected system failure, there’s no reason for you to panic. You can turn to temporary boiler rentals to help your business pick up its operations and carry on as normal while you look for a more permanent solution. 

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