In any British home, there’s usually a list of essentials that can never be overlooked, no matter how much or little time is spent within it. 

Over the years, the list of essentials changes depending on what’s the latest while some elements retain their importance and necessity over time, one of which is outdoor heating.

Why your outdoor heating matters

Like tea kettles and coffee machines, outdoor heating has become a vital part of any UK home because of how necessary it is to fight the country’s often-frigid weather conditions. While the summer remains relatively cool, sheer drops in temperature can be expected around the fall and winter, eventually leading to more challenges to only staying comfortable within one’s property.

Whether you love to read a book and sip a cuppa on your patio or need a comfortable spot to smoke outside of your home, the outdoor heating holds its importance year after year. 

Types of outdoor heating worth considering

Before you head over to the nearest appliance store and request a set-up to be placed in your home, it’s essential to first know what kinds of outdoor heaters are available. This is because each heating option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, making it even more essential to take note of all the details before investing in your final choice!

If you’re looking to keep your home nice and warm over the winter season, below are three main options that you should consider:

1. Electric heaters

Best used in outdoor spaces without an adequate amount of proper ventilation, electric heaters are an appropriate option because they don’t emit any carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide that poses a significant danger to the outdoors. 

Aside from heat and sustainable usage experiences, another significant benefit of electric heaters is that they come in an array of styles, designs, and colours that make it perfect for any style-conscious homeowner. Additionally, this system doesn’t require any complicated installation process as it can be simply plugged in any home outlet and turned on without additional wiring, all while being one of the safest options in the bunch! 

2. Natural gas heaters

As opposed to their electricity-driven counterparts, these appliances rely on natural flames to provide heat and are best suited for well-ventilated outdoor spaces that need greater heating capabilities. 

One of the most striking features of any natural gas heater is that it has a higher gas output using natural gas while staying as silent as possible. Instead of worrying about any annoying buzzing sounds when enjoying a drink with your mates or only spending time with your family, you can have the real comfort of a natural fire with pure, silent bliss!

3. Propane heaters

The biggest benefit that units like these have is that they’re the most portable option out of the bunch. 

In comparison with electric and natural gas units, you won’t need a gas line or electrical output to use propane heaters as they come with their own supply of heat, which is portable and interchangeable. Out of all the different benefits that you can enjoy with this heater, however, the most significant one is that it’s the most cost-effective option to operate and benefit from!


If you’re looking to stay warm during the colder months without needing to take hot showers every ten minutes, then outdoor heating is an investment that you should make. Regardless of whether you’re using an electric, natural gas, or propane heater, what matters is that you get to choose the best option for your needs!

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