For any British homeowner, running seasonal maintenance for a boiler is as important for staying comfortable all-year-round as having the heating device itself.

As simple as it may seem at first, the responsibility of properly maintaining a boiler is paramount for a desirable usage experience because of how well it keeps a system or set-up running smoothly. During the winter months, this essential task is even more important because the boiler’s stress is at its highest, making it vital to take as much care as possible, especially considering that homes are dependent on heaters when it snows!

If you aren’t familiar with the key benefits of getting your home’s boiler inspected regularly, here’s everything you need to know about seasonal boiler maintenance in greater detail.

When should you call for service?

Although best practice dictates that calling for a service provider’s seasonal boiler maintenance services should be done a few times during tougher seasons, there are other signs that require immediate attention: 

Sign #1: There are leaks

Throughout the ownership experience, your heating system or boiler’s water and fuel lines may experience leaks that will impede its function and compromise your safety. By taking the time to inspect your lines once every two to three days and calling a service provider, however, you can have a leaky problem remedied before it exponentially gets worse!

Sign #2: The low-water cutoff device isn’t working properly

In the case of any boiler and system, it’s vital to check a low-water cutoff device and make sure it’s working as a faulty part can lead to burnt components, damages, and potential house fires.

Sign #3: There is a reduction in heat

Apart from malfunctioning devices and leaks, another significant problem or warning sign that your boiler needs to be serviced immediately is if it isn’t heating as it used to. For the most part, this warning sign also comes about with stagnant water that starts to pool around the boiler area itself! 

What happens during a seasonal session?

Generally, maintaining your boiler set up on a seasonal basis is a complicated task that needs to be left in the hands of experts—such as London Climate Hire—so that no additional costs or damages are incurred. Regarding its processes, it’s best to expect that the setlist of tasks is as long-winding as well. Here are two of the main processes that take place:  

Waterside cleaning

During this process, a trained technician fires up a boiler’s waterside to prevent or remove an unsightly or unwanted buildup of minerals that will impede a system’s functioning and break parts if unattended to. By cleaning the waterside with specialised equipment and techniques, and a descaler, a technician will prolong the lifespan of your system without doing anything drastic!

Fireside cleaning

Another pivotal component of the seasonal boiler maintenance process is a thorough clean of the appliance’s fireside. With a thorough cleaning that uses techniques and key chemicals, built-up soot that clogs the fireside itself is easily removed, and efficiency and top-notch heat transfer functioning are restored back to the system itself!


No matter which part of the UK you live in, it’s important to ensure that you give your boiler some much-needed TLC by getting it some much-needed seasonal maintenance. With the help of a dependable service provider, you can easily save yourself a fortune in the long run!

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