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If you manage a construction business or work for a company that initiates construction projects, then you likely deal with screed on a daily basis. Thus, you know how much patience you require because it takes a while to dry completely as part of a building project!

However, if you’re following a strict timeline that involves handling numerous clients, you have no choice but to apply the fastest possible methods and techniques to dry your screed right away. 

For those who don’t know, screed is a well-known compound used for levelling as part of a floor surface to achieve one’s desired height. They consist of a combination of pre-blended mortar, cement, or anhydrous-based binders. It can come in various types, depending on a client’s requirements and demands.

Keep reading below to learn more about screeding to help you accomplish your construction project.

Types of Screeding Materials


A free-flowing screed can consist of Gyvlon, Supaflo, and Truflow. They are great materials to consider including in your construction process if you’re handling a project that involves a short timeframe.


Traditional screed includes sand and cement and is best used for domestic purposes. They are a type of screeding that comprise durable bonds. Thus, they’re usually included for ceramic tile applications that are often fragile when installed in homes and other building projects. 

Factors Involved in a Screed Drying Process

If you wish to achieve a proper screed drying process within a limited time, you must make the necessary adjustments and use the right tools, such as opting for a boiler rental

When you fail to provide the right environment and temperature to help the screed dry properly, you can expect it not to dry at all! On the other hand, if the temperature is too hot, the screed will become damaged. 

As such, the environment you leave your screed in must maintain the proper temperature at all times. In addition, the kind of screed you choose to use will require different conditions; depending on how thick your screed is, the drying time will become different. Given that, knowing all factors involved is absolutely crucial!

With a temporary boiler, you can speed up the drying process of the screed and ensure it maintains its quality the whole time. After preparing the chosen screed material for drying, reaching out to a temporary boiler company to provide you with the unit you need helps you manage screed drying correctly. The machine works by delivering the right amount of heat to your screed, reducing the number of external factors that can affect the drying process.

How an Electric Boiler Can Improve Screed Drying

When you opt for a free-flowing Gyvlon screed, it usually involves an underfloor heating system. Depending on the conditions you’re facing, if, for example, you’re utilising a forty millimetre-thick Gyvlon screed, you can expect it to dry at about one millimetre each day.

But when you bring an electric boiler into the picture, you can witness your Gyvlon screed dry properly in as short as one week after fixing the material in place. During the next three days after installation, it will help to keep your boiler at a temperature of twenty to twenty-five degrees. 

Over the next few days, you can opt to raise the temperature to five-degree increments while reaching a maximum water temperature of fifty-five degrees. As a result, your decision can greatly boost the screed drying time by up to fifty per cent. 


When handling screed drying methods, you must stay on the lookout for moisture and keep track of the environment’s current conditions regularly. When you strive to maintain the proper temperatures, the screed has fewer chances of breaking, cracking, and shrinking. For best results, apart from the boiler you’re already utilising, make sure you always have a backup machine, even if it’s only a boiler rental!

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